Monday, April 25, 2011

Yay Kyle!

Last week was big for us. Kyle graduated! After 6 years he’s finally done with school (and that’s only a bachelors.) It has been long, our friends have all graduated and moved on, but it’s been totally worth it (at least we hope so.) Kyle loves what he does, and to me that’s what’s most important.

P1000530_touch up

223494_1921462830087_1047553512_2222584_1659281_n_touch up

The whole Industrial Design crew (minus one.) Notice Kyle’s shoes? Yes, Kyle wore jeans, a casual shirt (but it was collared), some bright flashy shoes, and a tie (that he made.) And I liked the outfit. And was all for it. Totally awesome wife? I think so.

Wait… Kyle made a tie? Yes, really. I don’t think anyone should be too surprised by that anymore. Except for maybe the fact that he decided to make it at 8 am the day of graduation. And he had to be there by 10 am. And he totally pulled it off and was on time. Crazy kid.

Check it.

IMG_2906   P1000532

Yes, it’s a retro style square bottom tie, with some flashy purple fabric on the underside. And again, I like it.

IMG_2898_touch up   P1000577_touch up

Kyle’s parents flew in for the occasion.

Did you notice it? Kyle is wearing different clothes! That kid was in such a hurry to get his cap and gown off we didn’t hardly get any pictures, until the next day. By the time we met up with him after the graduation ceremony he was already taking the cap and gown off. We had to ask him to put it back on to get the very few pictures the day of that we did get.

But… I really shouldn’t complain. The fact that he did walk is close to a miracle. He had absolutely no intention of walking what so ever. Until he found out everyone else in his class (all his friends) were walking. So, he walked. And I’m grateful. Oh, did I mention his decision took place just two weeks before graduation? Silly boy.

So, what now? That’s what we’re asking ourselves. No job has presented itself yet. In just two days we’re leaving Provo for good, moving in with Kyle’s parents, and mooching. Hopefully it’s not for too long.


Congratulations Kyle!


  1. Congratulations! Hopefully something bigger and better will present itself very soon for you guys!

    Oh, and Kyle's parents don't look like they've aged one bit since the last time I saw them. Pretty impressive!

  2. Yay for you and Kyle! Moving forward is a scary and good thing. Congrats! Enjoy Kennewick and family while you are there!



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