Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Here's another round of the funny things Hailey has said lately.

1. After doing some shopping, we were in the parking lot getting into the car, Hailey asked if we could run some errands. I said, "Like what?" She pointed to the store adjacent to us. It was called Aaron's. "I want to go to Aaron's" she said. (One point for awesome reading skills.)

2. Hailey was playing I Spy with Papa Hill. They were looking for something gray. She said, "Papa's hair!"

3. While building a Lego set, she was digging through the Legos looking for the pieces she needed. "Where are those naughty pieces?"

4. Before Christmas Kyle and I bought Kacey a doorway jumper. I planned to use it as a Santa gift for her. Kyle was dying to let her try it out, and thought I was absolutely ridiculous to hold on to it until Christmas. She has no idea about Santa. But the other two do! So I held my ground. 

One day Kyle was trying to convince me to pull it out. "Let's get a certain something out"  he said. I hesitated, "Buuut... buuut..." Hailey piped up, "Use your words mom!"

5. Instead of singing "Hallelujah! Hallelujah!" for the chorus to the the Christmas song "Hallelujah", Hailey thought it was "Jalepeno! Jalepeno!"

6. Kyle likes to turn on music while we eat dinner. He and the girls refer to it as his jams. One song came on titled "Easier to Run". Hailey said, "It's easier to run! But not for babies."

7. Kyle was teasing Hailey about having a mustache someday when she gets older. Hailey became quite defensive and responded with an angry forceful deep voice, "I will NEVER have a mustache!"


November brought Hailey's 6th birthday. Six! That is just two years away from eight. Suddenly she is feeling so grown up. I think a mixture of kindergarten and age has led to her increased maturity. I don't know why, but it feels so odd to see her being a kid. Like a real kid. You know... starting to experience kid things I remember experiencing.

Hailey made a couple of changes to her look over the fall. The first one being her first major haircut. I mentioned to Hailey that we'd take her to get her haircut. I had a trim in mind. She had a totally different idea. She said she wanted to cut her to hair to her chin and she wasn't budging. I realized it is her hair and she surely is old enough to have some part in deciding her haircut, so I took a deep breath and let her do it. She cut off about 6 inches. Turns out it is an adorable cut on her! Such a good move. 

The second big change was the addition of bright pink glasses. On our trip to Washington over Fall Break, Papa Hill noticed some far-sightedness in Hailey and recommended glasses to help reduce any eyestrain. She was so excited! Of course, those paired with her short hair look super cute. Too bad the novelty has worn off of the glasses and I need to remind her daily to wear them (which I'm not very good at remembering.)

Hailey is a fun girl! She makes friends with everyone. When we go to the park or out to play somewhere she always finds a new friend to play with. Hailey explained it to me once. Basically, you just ask someone if they want to be your friend. They say yes. You tell each other your names, and then you're friends. Easy as that.

I love watching Hailey and her train of friends as they leave sacrament meeting at church and head off to primary together. After the closing prayer Hailey grabs Keira and they go around collecting friends and walk together. 

She is good at including everyone. Sometimes she needs a little nudge or reminder, but then doesn't hesitate to ask others to join in on the fun. Hailey is friends with everyone and easily alters her play to match theirs. I just love that about her.

Legos are a favorite toy. She is now old enough to sit down and follow the directions on her own. Occasionally she needs a bit of help, but generally she can do it herself. She will sit and play with Legos for an hour or two at a time. The play is ever changing, but the fun never ends.

Hailey is our little scientist. She is inquisitive, always wondering how things work. Her latest kick has been earthquakes and tornadoes. She loves learning as much as she can. Hopefully that sticks with her.

She is a fantastic reader. She reads everything, including my text messages. It has been so fun to see her reading blossom. Suddenly I feel like she can read just about anything and everything put in front of her.  

She's pretty fantastic. I think we'll keep her. :)

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Yes, Valentine's Day is just a week away. Let's talk Halloween anyway.

The girls LOVE the movie Big Hero 6. Love it. I don't know how many times they've watched it. We don't even own it. Yet. Just about every time they stay with my parents they watch it. I honestly haven't even seen it all the way from start to finish. 

Our girls talk about Halloween ALL.YEAR.LONG. They are always deciding and changing what they are going to dress up as for the next year. Hailey knew months and months in advance that she wanted to be Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6. Kyle and I were thrilled. It would be totally awesome, how many other Honey Lemons would be out there? Like zero. And it would be a fun costume to put together.

We had months and months to get the costume ready. And of course we waited until the last minute. There's nothing like a deadline to motivate. When I say WE, I more mean me. Kyle was a bit more on top of things and finished with a week or so to spare. Me? I was up sewing until 1 am the night before the Halloween party at school. I still had some details to finish up that morning too. But, like always, it got done!

I made the dress and leggings, which were altered from a pajama pattern. Kyle made the helmet from an old dress up race car driver helmet my parents had that my brother played with as a child. The side pieces are made from MDF and screwed into the plastic helmet. Kyle's coworker painted the helmet in their paint booth at work. The frame for the bag was made from plywood and covered in felt. We bought some ball pit balls and Kyle sewed them onto the purse strap. 

Too much work for a Halloween costume? Probably. Why do we do it? Because we are crazy and enjoy it. 

Hailey loved the costume. She was so funny. She was complaining about the attention she got from boys at school. I don't think the girls knew who she was. But the boys did. "She's from Big Hero 6!" "That's awesome!". Hailey just laughed and shook her head telling us about it. She said she just ignored them. I think she was a tiny bit embarrassed. :) 

Now, Keira wanted to be a princess. She told everyone she was going to be a princess. Kyle and I had planned on her wearing one of Hailey's old costumes. (Sorry Keira! Luck of the draw being the little sister.) I tried so hard to talk her into wearing Hailey's dragon costume that I put so much time into. Kyle and I even told her she could be a princess dragon, we'd put a crown on the dragon. I was really hoping she'd go for that, I thought it would be funny. No luck. Though once she spotted the witch costume with the dress she was sold. All she really wanted to do was wear a dress. So a witch it was. And she was happy.

Talking about last minute... Kacey's costume was completely last minute. Kyle had talked about making her an airplane he could wear with her in the baby carrier. It wasn't until the morning of Halloween that he decided to really tackle it. (I do think we had been busy with other things as well... so it really just ended up coming down to the day of.) While Kyle cut and taped and created, I ran to the craft store to find butcher paper and duct tape. I actually set out with the girls to start walking the neighborhood when we finished and met up with us. Too much work? Yes again. But the number of comments we got on it kind of made it worth it.

The name of this post really should be, THE WEEK OUR HOUSE BLEW UP. By blow up I don't mean a literal explosion. Rather an implosion of the biggest mess we had yet ever created. There was not a single room that had not spewed nearly its entire contents all over. Yes, I really mean that. We reached a new level of in-home disaster. That is what happens when you wait until the last minute and have a new baby. Things explode. :)

I also had every intention of taking all sorts of fun pictures of the girls all dressed up. These two pictures are all I have. It never happened. Again, don't procrastinate! Oh well. It was a crazy week, all for an hour or two of fun. I think Kyle and I would do it again anyway, because we are a little crazy and enjoy it. Next year, we're starting earlier! 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


The advantage of having Kacey's birthday on the 1st day of the month, means the beginning of each month is an easy reminder that she is one month older. So here we are at the start of February, and the start of another month for Kacey.

This girl is 7 months old. Say what?!

At least that's how I feel. Suddenly she is getting so big. Kacey is now rolling from her tummy to back, in one direction only. When placed on her tummy her immediate response is to roll. She will even begin to roll before she is completely on the ground. I have also watched her try to roll while sitting up. It's kind of hilarious. We're working on rolling from back to tummy, so she can do a full rotation. She's getting there. She will twist her top half and reach with her outer arm to grab whatever I am trying to lure her with (puffs work great!), but doesn't move her lower half.

Her other big milestone last month was the introduction of solid foods. She makes some of the best faces when eating. She is slowly getting more accustomed to the veggies we've been giving her. If in the right mood she will devour carrots and squash. She isn't as much of a fan of peas and green beans. Though mixing them with the sweeter vegetables helps. She really doesn't eat that much and is easily distracted. It's ok, she's just experimenting with new tastes and textures right now anyway. We're still practicing with the sippy cup. I don't know how much she actually gets out of it (not much), but at least she doesn't chew on the spout anymore.

She does love puffs. They entertain her for a good amount of time. She is able to get them in her mouth about half of the time. She usually has a few stuck to her and a nice pile that collects in her lap. 

That blonde hair- I just love it!
As adorable as she is, she is a stinker at nighttime still. For about a week she began sleeping most of the night, only waking once between about 1:00 - 2:00 am. This week has been back to waking every 2 hours again. Someday we'll all get a full nights sleep again! Right? Someday...

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Burger King in Mountain Home, ID
We usually make a pit stop in Mountain Home to fill up on gas and grab something to eat. Our usual place is Arby's, but we missed the exit and had to take the next instead.  Burger King it was then.
Mid-October Hailey had Fall Break. She got Thursday and Friday off that week. Kyle was in need of new glasses, I was in need of a getaway, so we made a last minute decision to take off and drive to Washington for the weekend. We let Hailey skip school on Wednesday and drove all day. I was nervous about how well Kacey would do. She was just 3 months old and going through an I-hate-my-car-seat phase. We were completely blessed, she did fantastic. She slept most of the way there and on the drive back home. The older girls were great, though we did melt their brains with the number of movies they watched. On the drive we'll do whatever will keep our sanity.

The weather was fantastic. It was still warm enough for shorts, but just cool enough to maybe want a jacket. We took plenty of advantage of the weather. 

To start it off, we spent sometime at the Country Mercantile in Pasco. We took a tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch and picked pumpkins, which the girls later painted with Rara. Kyle and Hailey ran through the Hay Maze, and the girls ventured into the corn maze with Papa and Rara. To end it, we topped the trip off with some ice cream. 

Since Kyle was in need of new glasses and I was wanting an eye exam we went into Papa's office where all 4 of us ended up getting exams. Turns out Hailey is far-sighted and scored a new pair of glasses to help her overworked eyes relax. She picked out some bright pink frames that look super cute on her. She was so excited!

Papa and Rara picked up a remote controlled Star Wars X-Wing fighter. We took it out to the park and watched Kyle fly it around. After a while we moved on to the playground and let the girls run around. 

We also went swimming. In October? You bet! Papa and Rara cranked up the heat in the pool so the girls could enjoy some pool time. Kacey chilled poolside while the girls splashed and swam.

We also surprised the Hague's and Dickman's. Their reaction was pretty much worth the drive. We had too much fun letting the kids play while the adults chatted. We really didn't want to leave. It's so sad living far from such awesome friends!

The trip was much needed and much appreciated. It was fast, and not quite long enough. We had a blast! We can't wait until summer comes and we can do it again.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Fall brought another season of soccer for Hailey. Her age bumped her up from 3-on-3 to 5-on-5. It is funny how much more crowded the "pack" feels with the addition of 4 more bodies. So many little legs all scrambling for the same ball. It wasn't as easy to get a break away. Hailey was still able to capture a few goals. The best was how excited she was after her first of the season. Describing it she said, "it went in like a squirt bottle!" I was impressed with the teamwork the girls were starting to use toward the end of the season. Their coach was able to teach them to use passing to work the ball down the field. A little bit. They are 5-year-olds after all. 

Keira really is Hailey's biggest fan. She loves to go and watch. And eat her snacks. She especially loves it when the local dentist shows up with free water bottles, cutie oranges, and notepads. That's what soccer is about right, all the goodies?

The above pictures of Keira so well illustrate life at the beginning of fall. Mismatched clothes and crazy undone hair. At least she is dressed and has shoes on. Even if they are cleats. I pulled out Hailey's old cleats, which Keira was super excited to wear. I admit, I kind of loved it. 

While Kyle loves soccer and can more easily watch Hailey's games now, he still prefers to step away for a bit and play with Keira. The lack of skill in the games is a bit painful for him to watch. You know, the pack that swarms and moves with the ball. He goes, watches for a bit and supports. And then he entertains Keira. 

Of course Kacey didn't care much for soccer and usually took a nice nap through the game. 

No matter how much you love soccer, it's always more fun when one of your best friends is on the team.

And so ended another season. We're ready for some warmer weather so we can get out and play again! We'll be back out there again in just a few months.

Monday, January 18, 2016


Kacey is now 6 months old. Last I posted she was 3 months old. So much happens in just 3 months time in a baby's life!

The biggest accomplishment she has reached is her ability to sit on her own. She has always wanted to be upright. When she was newborn, being held upright and facing forward is what calmed her. By 4 months I was able to sit her in the bumbo seat where she could sit up and play while watching her sisters run around. Now she sits without support, which mean she can cruise the store in the shopping cart, and can splash and play in the bathtub. Life has improved greatly with this new found skill.

Kacey is our observer. I'm not sure if it is due to her personality, or if it is because she has two older sisters to watch and learn from. Of course it could be both. She usually is content to sit quietly while she observes her surroundings. This of course changes once she's tired. Then she turns into a wild child who likes to gargle the saliva at the back of her throat, make raspberry noises, and bend and arch her back.

She has a thing for faces. She will latch onto any skin she can find when you pick her up. This is especially true when she is wild and tired. I have a pretty good idea it's nap time when she begins to grab onto my face and try to eat it. 

I just love her blonde hair. When she was born I thought for sure she'd have light brown hair like Keira, but it's coming in blonde like Hailey. She has pretty blue eyes with long lashes. She gets so many comments on her eyes. Lucky girl!

Kacey loves her sisters. She gets excited when they play with her. She kicks her legs and smiles. It was so funny to watch her interact with Keira the other day. Kacey sat in her bumbo and Keira was behind her. Kacey arched her back and leaned waaay back in her seat, tipping her head upside down. She looked at Keira and laughed. She did this over and over again.

She clapped for a couple of weeks. When we clapped, she would copy. And then she stopped. Now she brings her hands together in a fist and shakes them as if to say, "yay me!" 

She is beginning to tolerate tummy time more. She has rolled over a handful of times. I'm not so sure she even knows what she did. She now will hold herself up with her arms. She has scooted slightly on her tummy by pushing with her feet. Once she figures out what to do with her arms she'll be moving all over. Not fast, nor crawling, but she could at least move herself to something she's interested in. 

Kacey adds a lot to our family already. We love her. Though I'd give her bonus points if she'd learn to take a bottle and sleep all night. Someday. :)


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