Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Did you miss PART 1 of this set of Keira-isms? Click here.

All dressed up and ready to watch Hailey play soccer.
She takes her job as her sister's number 1 fan seriously.

1. Late last fall I had a major head cold. Sinus headache, congestion, runny nose, the works. I felt terrible. One night I grabbed a roll of toilet paper and set it on the night stand beside the bed so I would have a nearly unlimited supply of tissues throughout the night. In the morning Keira came in the bedroom and discovered the toilet paper there. She became upset with me that I would have a whole roll of toilet paper on my nightstand. She said to me, "It's for bums, not noses." And then she put it back in the bathroom where it had come from.

2. It must have been Keira's turn to get sick. She sneezed and snot flew. Kyle said, "Eeeeww..." Keira responded nonchalantly, "It's just boogers."

3. While driving past Lagoon, like we do to go most anywhere, Keira asked me, "Mom, please can we go to the Lagoon?" I told her, "No, it's closed." She said, "We could get a key and open it!" I told her, "Even if we did it would be too cold to ride." Using her logic, Keira said, "Me wear my jacket to keep me warm!"

4. Out of the blue Keira began discussing her desire to own a cow. "...For me to ride. You hold my hand for me can't fall off." I asked her, "Where would we put the cow?" She just kept on the same thought process she had going, "Me give it milk to drink." I tried to explain to her that we get milk from cows. The milk we buy at the store comes from cows. She continued, "When it cries, me give it milk. Me want to get one today."

5. One Sunday before church the girls were eating a snack. Hailey brushed her teeth and then asked for another snack. Kyle told her she'd have to brush them again if she did. Hailey decided not to have the snack. Keira decided she wanted another snack too. Hailey pointed out that Keira had already brushed and Kyle told Keira the same thing, she would have to brush again if she had a snack. Already with granola bar in hand, she said, "It's ok" and started eating. Kyle noticed she was eating funny, not chewing like normal. When this was pointed out to Keira, she said she wasn't using her teeth (in an attempt to avoid brushing again). After a few bites she decided it was too much work and gave up. She wrapped the granola bar back up and put it back in the pantry to save for another time.

6. Keira tried her best to talk me into a snack (likely a 3rd or 4th snack, or right before dinner.) "I need food for me can grow bigger and bigger and bigger!"

7.I took Keira into the bathroom at church. She chose the ultra large handicapped stall, complete with it's own sink. She opened the door, stepped inside and said, "Come into my office." (Granted, she picked this one up from her Aunt Brittany. It still caught me off guard and was hilarious.)

8. We were talking about middle names. Keira's is Ann. I asked Keira what her middle name is. She thought about it and replied with, "Banana!"

9. At the end of dinner Keira had milk left in her cup. I asked her to finish drinking her milk. I told her the milk would help her to grow big. A minute or two later of not drinking her milk Keira started whining, "I want to grow small..."

10. Keira went to the front door and started trying to open the door. I asked her what she was doing. "I'm looking for a package." I told her, "We don't have a package." She said, "Me just say, come here package! Ok?" "Oh package!"

11. The way Keira says some words are just funny to me.

  • applejack = Slapjack
  • pokeypine = porcupine
  • stunk = skunk
  • pinano = piano
  • super drinky = thirsty
  • super watchy = she wants to watch a show
12. While on a long road trip home from Washington, Keira was eating some chocolate chip cookies. Some of the chocolate had melted on her hands, so I gave her a wipe from the diaper bag to clean them. After wiping her hands off she looked at the wipe and saw brown on the wipe. Disgusted, she said, "There's poop on it!

13. "I have a joke for you. Why did the bear run? Because it wanted to!"

14. "Hailey! When we're married and moms, we can have big burritos!"

15. Kyle asked Keira to put a toy away. She responded with "Put YOU away!"

16. "Arrr... I a teenager!"

Sunday, May 15, 2016


1. My parent's house backs up to houses with a small amount of pasture land. One neighboring house has cows. While looking out the window Keira spotted the cows and said, "I see cows." She cracked open the patio door, poked her head outside, said, "Yep" and promptly closed the door.

2. While nursing Kacey, I asked her if she was done eating. Meanwhile Keira sat in the kitchen not finishing her dinner she was supposed to eat. Upon hearing me ask "Are you done eating?", intended for Kacey, she responds, "Yep!" I said I was talking to Kacey, Keira says, "No! Me, mom!"

3. Kyle joked that he was going to steal me away from the girls. He started to pick me up potato sack style over his shoulder. I said, "No, no, no!" Hailey said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" Kyle put me down without picking me up. Keira said, "My mom's too heavy."

4. One day Keira asked Kyle to play with her. "Dad, do you want to be Elsa with me?" He responded with, "How about Kacey?" Keira said, "No. How about you."

5. I asked Keira what she would like for lunch. She said chicken nuggets. I said I was making sandwiches, what kind of sandwich would she like? Her response: chicken nugget sandwich.

6. I was eating a carrot with ranch and accidentally dropped it in my lap and it then fell on the floor. Keira said, "Nice shot mom!"

7. One Monday after FHE and family prayers Keira pointed to the projector screen, "Dad, can we watch something on that?" Kyle said, "I don't know, what time is it?" Keira: "Time to watch something!"

8. Swimming at Papa and Rara Hill's house Keira was being a bit timid about playing in the water. She worked up her courage and  jumped into the pool off of the diving board. She briefly went under the water. Rara told her "You did good!" Keira cried, "No me don't!

9. I was greeted in the morning with, "Good morning Mrs. Poopy!"

10. For quite sometime Keira thought my parents were Papa and Rara House. I would say, do you want to go to Rara's house? Apparently she took that to be their name. 

11. My Dad texted my mom, mentioning Hailey. In the text he had left off the i in Hailey's name. Thinking we were looking a picture, Keira piped up, "I want to see Papa with one eye!"

12. Keira was anxious to go to my parent's house for dinner. She put her shoes on and said "Time to go!" Kyle told  her we still had 20 minutes and commented that she was all ready to come. Keira put her hands up in the air and timidly said, "Woo woo!"

13. I was adding a new bag of flour to the storage container we have in the pantry. Flour flew up everywhere. Keira asked, "What is that?" I said, "What do you think it is?" She said, "A big mess!"

14. Keira came downstairs after dressing herself in a fantastically mismatching outfit (as usual). Aunt Brittany commented, saying it was a nice outfit. Keira said, "Thanks, my mom dressed me."

15. One snowy morning Keira danced around the room singing, "Once there was a snowman, snow, snow, snow!"

16. Kyle was in the bathroom filling up the humidifier with water while Keira sat on the toilet, doing her business. Hailey asked what the water was for. Kyle explained that the water heats up and creates steam. Keira proceeds to rip a toot. She laughs and says, "That's my steam!" 

Friday, May 6, 2016


Waaaay back in December Keira turned 3. She is nearly 3 1/2 now. No matter, she is still 3.

When I think to describe Keira I think two things: dresses and food (or more specifically snacks.) 

When it comes to dress standards she is the typical three year old girl, all about the dress. The more it spins the better. She wears some form of dress or skirt everyday. It used to be a battle, but I've chosen to just embrace it and let her be. If we aren't going anywhere for the day (and sometimes even if we are) I let her be free to dress how she likes. Usually with unmade hair and some form of church shoe; which she walks on her toes in claiming they are her high heels. What is it with little girls and high heels? I NEVER wear heels, I'm all about the flats, and yet both Keira and Hailey wish they had a pair of heels to wear. But I digress... Keira + dresses = love.

Her second love: food. Snack food. That girl lives in the pantry all day long. She eats breakfast (or more likely doesn't finish her breakfast) and 30 minutes later is asking for a snack. 10 minutes to lunch she's asking for a snack. I tell her we're about to eat lunch. She gets upset because she doesn't want lunch, she wants a snack! She may ask for something to eat all day long, but she has some odd eating habits. She typically eats her cereal without milk, and she typically doesn't finish it, unless it actually has milk in it, then she will usually finish it. You'd think maybe she'd catch on that it is best eaten with milk. She's 3, what does she care. She also deconstructs her sandwich, eating the cheese, then meat, and leaving the bread (uneaten). She prefers her BBQ chicken sandwich with the chicken on the side. She eats all of the toppings off of her salad first, leaving just the green leafy pieces behind. She is then unwilling to eat what's left, unless she is motivated by the prospect of something else delicious, like strawberries. I know most of this is just down to being 3, but for being a girl that loves food so much she has some odd ways of showing it.

Keira is a total copy cat of Hailey. All day long I hear about what her teacher said, and about the kids in her class. Lately she has taken on a need for ballet school. She tells me she is going to do her ballet today, or she tells me about what her ballet teacher did or said. Most any story Hailey shares tends to happen at Keira's "school" too.

Keira is hilarious. Really. She has a natural ability to be funny. It mostly comes down to her facial expressions and the way she says things, not always the words but more the inflection she uses. Most of the time she doesn't know she's being funny, which makes it all the better. 

We are working on recognizing the alphabet with her. I feel bad for her, being the middle child. There really is an issue with being overlooked as the middle child. With Hailey starting kindergarten this year and Kacey being born, Keira became kind of lost in the mix for a bit. We're working it out and she's picking up on her letters quickly as we slowly work on them.   

She loves to play with dolls and whatever Hailey and her friends are playing. Her favorite are the old Polly Pockets at Rara Park's house. She'll play those by herself for a good hour. She also likes to play Legos with Hailey, but she is mostly interested disassembling and reassembling the people with new heads, hair, and clothes.

I recently introduced her to Candyland. She loves it. Especially when she wins. She likes to play games, though she typically gets disinterested part way through. Except Candyland. We play that one to the end, and then play it again, and again.

Keira likes to do things her own way. She doesn't take instruction very well. Sometimes she is a bit of a free spirit. A loud one at that. When she cries... she cries. It's that girl drama. Everything is a bigger issue than it really is with her. She can be very particular about things, like needing her blankets pulled all the way up to her chin at bedtime or the shower curtain completely closed while she showers. If you deviate, even slightly, depending on her mood, she will let you know. Loudly and with tears. She also has some sort of anxiety of being left behind. We haven't ever left her, but if she thinks you are leaving without her, she breaks into frantic screaming tears. I've learned I have to explain ahead of time if I am going to open the garage door for any reason before she is ready to go.    

Above all this, she is a blast and we're so glad to have her in our family. She keeps our house active and our pantry snack ready.  

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Here's another round of the funny things Hailey has said lately.

1. After doing some shopping, we were in the parking lot getting into the car, Hailey asked if we could run some errands. I said, "Like what?" She pointed to the store adjacent to us. It was called Aaron's. "I want to go to Aaron's" she said. (One point for awesome reading skills.)

2. Hailey was playing I Spy with Papa Hill. They were looking for something gray. She said, "Papa's hair!"

3. While building a Lego set, she was digging through the Legos looking for the pieces she needed. "Where are those naughty pieces?"

4. Before Christmas Kyle and I bought Kacey a doorway jumper. I planned to use it as a Santa gift for her. Kyle was dying to let her try it out, and thought I was absolutely ridiculous to hold on to it until Christmas. She has no idea about Santa. But the other two do! So I held my ground. 

One day Kyle was trying to convince me to pull it out. "Let's get a certain something out"  he said. I hesitated, "Buuut... buuut..." Hailey piped up, "Use your words mom!"

5. Instead of singing "Hallelujah! Hallelujah!" for the chorus to the the Christmas song "Hallelujah", Hailey thought it was "Jalepeno! Jalepeno!"

6. Kyle likes to turn on music while we eat dinner. He and the girls refer to it as his jams. One song came on titled "Easier to Run". Hailey said, "It's easier to run! But not for babies."

7. Kyle was teasing Hailey about having a mustache someday when she gets older. Hailey became quite defensive and responded with an angry forceful deep voice, "I will NEVER have a mustache!"


November brought Hailey's 6th birthday. Six! That is just two years away from eight. Suddenly she is feeling so grown up. I think a mixture of kindergarten and age has led to her increased maturity. I don't know why, but it feels so odd to see her being a kid. Like a real kid. You know... starting to experience kid things I remember experiencing.

Hailey made a couple of changes to her look over the fall. The first one being her first major haircut. I mentioned to Hailey that we'd take her to get her haircut. I had a trim in mind. She had a totally different idea. She said she wanted to cut her to hair to her chin and she wasn't budging. I realized it is her hair and she surely is old enough to have some part in deciding her haircut, so I took a deep breath and let her do it. She cut off about 6 inches. Turns out it is an adorable cut on her! Such a good move. 

The second big change was the addition of bright pink glasses. On our trip to Washington over Fall Break, Papa Hill noticed some far-sightedness in Hailey and recommended glasses to help reduce any eyestrain. She was so excited! Of course, those paired with her short hair look super cute. Too bad the novelty has worn off of the glasses and I need to remind her daily to wear them (which I'm not very good at remembering.)

Hailey is a fun girl! She makes friends with everyone. When we go to the park or out to play somewhere she always finds a new friend to play with. Hailey explained it to me once. Basically, you just ask someone if they want to be your friend. They say yes. You tell each other your names, and then you're friends. Easy as that.

I love watching Hailey and her train of friends as they leave sacrament meeting at church and head off to primary together. After the closing prayer Hailey grabs Keira and they go around collecting friends and walk together. 

She is good at including everyone. Sometimes she needs a little nudge or reminder, but then doesn't hesitate to ask others to join in on the fun. Hailey is friends with everyone and easily alters her play to match theirs. I just love that about her.

Legos are a favorite toy. She is now old enough to sit down and follow the directions on her own. Occasionally she needs a bit of help, but generally she can do it herself. She will sit and play with Legos for an hour or two at a time. The play is ever changing, but the fun never ends.

Hailey is our little scientist. She is inquisitive, always wondering how things work. Her latest kick has been earthquakes and tornadoes. She loves learning as much as she can. Hopefully that sticks with her.

She is a fantastic reader. She reads everything, including my text messages. It has been so fun to see her reading blossom. Suddenly I feel like she can read just about anything and everything put in front of her.  

She's pretty fantastic. I think we'll keep her. :)

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Yes, Valentine's Day is just a week away. Let's talk Halloween anyway.

The girls LOVE the movie Big Hero 6. Love it. I don't know how many times they've watched it. We don't even own it. Yet. Just about every time they stay with my parents they watch it. I honestly haven't even seen it all the way from start to finish. 

Our girls talk about Halloween ALL.YEAR.LONG. They are always deciding and changing what they are going to dress up as for the next year. Hailey knew months and months in advance that she wanted to be Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6. Kyle and I were thrilled. It would be totally awesome, how many other Honey Lemons would be out there? Like zero. And it would be a fun costume to put together.

We had months and months to get the costume ready. And of course we waited until the last minute. There's nothing like a deadline to motivate. When I say WE, I more mean me. Kyle was a bit more on top of things and finished with a week or so to spare. Me? I was up sewing until 1 am the night before the Halloween party at school. I still had some details to finish up that morning too. But, like always, it got done!

I made the dress and leggings, which were altered from a pajama pattern. Kyle made the helmet from an old dress up race car driver helmet my parents had that my brother played with as a child. The side pieces are made from MDF and screwed into the plastic helmet. Kyle's coworker painted the helmet in their paint booth at work. The frame for the bag was made from plywood and covered in felt. We bought some ball pit balls and Kyle sewed them onto the purse strap. 

Too much work for a Halloween costume? Probably. Why do we do it? Because we are crazy and enjoy it. 

Hailey loved the costume. She was so funny. She was complaining about the attention she got from boys at school. I don't think the girls knew who she was. But the boys did. "She's from Big Hero 6!" "That's awesome!". Hailey just laughed and shook her head telling us about it. She said she just ignored them. I think she was a tiny bit embarrassed. :) 

Now, Keira wanted to be a princess. She told everyone she was going to be a princess. Kyle and I had planned on her wearing one of Hailey's old costumes. (Sorry Keira! Luck of the draw being the little sister.) I tried so hard to talk her into wearing Hailey's dragon costume that I put so much time into. Kyle and I even told her she could be a princess dragon, we'd put a crown on the dragon. I was really hoping she'd go for that, I thought it would be funny. No luck. Though once she spotted the witch costume with the dress she was sold. All she really wanted to do was wear a dress. So a witch it was. And she was happy.

Talking about last minute... Kacey's costume was completely last minute. Kyle had talked about making her an airplane he could wear with her in the baby carrier. It wasn't until the morning of Halloween that he decided to really tackle it. (I do think we had been busy with other things as well... so it really just ended up coming down to the day of.) While Kyle cut and taped and created, I ran to the craft store to find butcher paper and duct tape. I actually set out with the girls to start walking the neighborhood when we finished and met up with us. Too much work? Yes again. But the number of comments we got on it kind of made it worth it.

The name of this post really should be, THE WEEK OUR HOUSE BLEW UP. By blow up I don't mean a literal explosion. Rather an implosion of the biggest mess we had yet ever created. There was not a single room that had not spewed nearly its entire contents all over. Yes, I really mean that. We reached a new level of in-home disaster. That is what happens when you wait until the last minute and have a new baby. Things explode. :)

I also had every intention of taking all sorts of fun pictures of the girls all dressed up. These two pictures are all I have. It never happened. Again, don't procrastinate! Oh well. It was a crazy week, all for an hour or two of fun. I think Kyle and I would do it again anyway, because we are a little crazy and enjoy it. Next year, we're starting earlier! 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


The advantage of having Kacey's birthday on the 1st day of the month, means the beginning of each month is an easy reminder that she is one month older. So here we are at the start of February, and the start of another month for Kacey.

This girl is 7 months old. Say what?!

At least that's how I feel. Suddenly she is getting so big. Kacey is now rolling from her tummy to back, in one direction only. When placed on her tummy her immediate response is to roll. She will even begin to roll before she is completely on the ground. I have also watched her try to roll while sitting up. It's kind of hilarious. We're working on rolling from back to tummy, so she can do a full rotation. She's getting there. She will twist her top half and reach with her outer arm to grab whatever I am trying to lure her with (puffs work great!), but doesn't move her lower half.

Her other big milestone last month was the introduction of solid foods. She makes some of the best faces when eating. She is slowly getting more accustomed to the veggies we've been giving her. If in the right mood she will devour carrots and squash. She isn't as much of a fan of peas and green beans. Though mixing them with the sweeter vegetables helps. She really doesn't eat that much and is easily distracted. It's ok, she's just experimenting with new tastes and textures right now anyway. We're still practicing with the sippy cup. I don't know how much she actually gets out of it (not much), but at least she doesn't chew on the spout anymore.

She does love puffs. They entertain her for a good amount of time. She is able to get them in her mouth about half of the time. She usually has a few stuck to her and a nice pile that collects in her lap. 

That blonde hair- I just love it!
As adorable as she is, she is a stinker at nighttime still. For about a week she began sleeping most of the night, only waking once between about 1:00 - 2:00 am. This week has been back to waking every 2 hours again. Someday we'll all get a full nights sleep again! Right? Someday...


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