Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Real Photo Shoot (Meaning: I Didn't Do It)

While in Kennewick my mom asked Tiffany Parrish to take some pictures of Hailey. I think they are so cute! Hailey wasn't giving out many of her big smiles, but they still turned out pretty good. Thank you Tiffany!

I really couldn't pick out just one handful of my favorites, so I posted a few handfuls. I know it's a lot, but they're just so cute!

 Hailey isn't too fond of grass. She sits with one leg up while sitting on grass.

Always putting something in her mouth. Typical Hailey. Typical baby.

  Classic Hailey "pick me up" face.

These two pictures are so Hailey. Goofball.

This was taken towards the end of our photo shoot. Hailey was growing tired of it all, so we had to bust out the Cheerios to keep her happy for just a little while longer. 


  1. Very, very cute. I love baby pictures.

  2. These outfits are so cute!! I need to go shopping with you so you can help me dress my baby as cute as yours. Haliey is so hip!!

  3. I love them all! For some reason, baby pics always look so classy in black and white.

  4. holy moly. these are so cute.
    she is darling, and perhaps the best dressed little baby girl ever:)

    and THAT chair.
    so great.

  5. Those are sooo cute! Ava doesn't like grass, she gets mad at me when I put her in it... going to make her 6 month photos this Saturday pretty interesting.

  6. She is darling! We need to get our girls together to play. :-)



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