Sunday, October 13, 2013

Summer 2013- Part 3

Ready for another way too long post? I'll tone it down after this. Promise.

Immediately following spending a week with my family in Utah, we packed up our kiddies and drove the 9 hours to Washington to spend another week with Kyle's family.

After Kyle got off work on Friday we headed out. We broke up our drive and stopped in Nampa, ID at Grandpa Hill's house. He is always so nice to let us stay the night and go out to breakfast with us in the morning.

We rolled into town in Washington at about lunchtime- just in time for some Bruchi's. That evening was me and Kyle's 10 year high school reunion. 10 stinking years. Before our trip Kyle and I did a lot of back and forth on whether or not we wanted to go to the reunion. In the end, we decided to go. We were in town, plus, what would it hurt? Who knows, it might even be fun. And it was fun to see some old high school friends who we really hadn't seen since high school. I wish more people had shown up. It was good to see those who did go.

Sunday, Kyle and I left our girls and drove out to Portland. My cousin Aubrey and her husband Michael live out there. Michael and Kyle are actually friends from BYU as well. They were classmates in their industrial design program. Kyle has two other BYU ID friends living in Portland as well. We went to visit all of them and get away without our two girls for a short time. We stayed with Mike and Aubrey, which was so nice of them.

We packed a lunch for our drive. We planned on picnicking at Multnomah Falls just before Portland. When we got there the parking lot was full. So we drove on by. We looked for another place to stop, but kept missing the exits we wanted to take. We pressed onward and quickly found ourselves in Portland. We were starving and wanted to stop, so as we came upon the exit for the zoo, we saw that there was a rose garden and an arboretum. We quickly exited and drove around, completely clueless where we were going. Somehow we ended up finding a parking spot in the arboretum right next to a path that led to some picnic tables. Perfect!

Kyle packed a wrap. I packed leftover pizza. He made fun of my pizza.

After eating we wandered around the arboretum a little bit. We came upon some pretty awesome trees. Like the monkey puzzle tree. Look at how cool the ends of the branches look!

After oohing and aahing at the crazy cool vegetation (who knew trees could be so cool!), we headed to Mike and Aubrey's for dinner and then dessert with ID friends.

On Monday we spent the day shopping with Aubrey in downtown Portland. We took a mandatory stop at Fabric Depot- a must for anyone who sews. I snatched up a yard of fabric to make some throw pillows and another two yards for a maxi skirt for myself. Then it was lunchtime. Portland has a whole block full of food trucks. Kyle and I lunched at the Grilled Cheese Grill- Kyle's was a BLT-GC, so good! We then did some more shopping in search of new church shoes for Kyle. Success at Nordstrom Rack! And then back to Kennewick for a week of pool time with the Hills.

Kyle really wanted to set up a slackline over his parent's pool. With friend, Reid, he spent some time digging holes and pouring concrete to cement in some poles to attach the slackline to. It was good fun. 

Earlier in the summer Hailey had one incident where she was underwater for a few seconds and it has traumatized her since. Honestly, it was a little good- she had absolutely no fear of water, which made me super nervous. But, since then she was at the point where she refused to get into the pool. I wasn't there to see, but Hailey was coaxed into getting in the pool in her clothes. She did and loved it. Then she went crazy jumping in over and over and over... It was pretty hilarious. We're glad she got back in the pool and enjoyed it.

It was a great summer. Busy, but never boring!

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  1. How fun to have a little getaway to see friends! And Hailey's jumping skills are pretty amazing as well as the slack line. Cool!



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