Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Keira: 10 months

Cute little Keira is morphing from a baby into a toddler. She is still definitely my baby, but I've noticed the beginning of her exit from babyhood and her eventual entrance into toddlerhood.

Keira is now crawling. Real hands and knees crawling. It has made her so much faster and she can go so much farther. She is into everything! Her favorite place? The stairs. And the dog food. Of course. (Dog? My parents, sister, and dog Lucy are currently living with us while they wait for a new house to be built.) I definitely have to watch her closer now, but she has become the happiest baby. Ever. Seriously. Before she would whine and complain for me to come get her, now she is free to move about, explore, or come to me instead of waiting.

Keira really is such a happy child. She has become so giggly. All I have to do is look at her and she giggles. You laugh, she laughs. You smile, she smiles. The other night she was hilarious. We were trying to watch a movie, but she was so giddy. She made her own game: she sat up, threw herself back onto the floor, rolled, laughed, and did it all over again.

Standing is Keira's favorite. Always has been. She is now pretty steady holding on with two hands, and sometimes even gets tricksy and lets go of one hand. She will walk if you hold her hands and walk with her. She is beginning to pull herself up to the furniture, or anything else she can get to. She tries to follow me upstairs and stands at the bottom of the stairs with her hands on the first step to steady herself.

Just last week Keira started signing "all done" and "more". I'm not sure if she totally understands them yet. She hasn't used them independently, but she will sign them if I say the words. Keira will repeat back animal sounds for dog, cow, bunny, and fish. (bunny sniffs, fish opens and closes mouth). She will also play "so big!" Keira has also started babbling "mamama" and "bababa". And she still screams when she wants attention. If she's not getting the right response out of me she will scream. Unfortunately it works- she gets my attention. Sometimes she screams just for fun. Like at Olive Garden or Chick-fil-A. As loud as she can. It's pretty awesome. (Insert sarcasm.)

I am so in love with this child. She is hilarious. And oh so fun.

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