Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy 7 Years to Us!

Today Kyle and I celebrate 7 years of marriage! Sheesh.... Time really does fly when you're not looking, doesn't it?

Over the course of seven years we have enjoyed plenty of fun/good times. Some of my favorites include:

Hot bread and sudoku. At BYU, in the cafeteria, you can buy a mini loaf of bread (hot bread) and some delicious honey butter. The first year we were married Kyle took a family finance class. It worked out that I was free from work at the time his class was at, so I would sit in with him. It was one of the absolute best classes we ever took at BYU. Before class, we would meet on campus, grab a loaf of hot bread and honey butter, and two newspapers. We sat down at a table, munched on our bread and raced in solving sudoku puzzles. I always lost. Always, always. Even when Kyle did hard and I did easy. Numbers and logic aren't my thing. :) But I always came back for more. And it was fun.

An old-timers sudoku anniversary. After Kyle graduated from BYU we moved to Washington and lived with our parents to save some moolah and look for a job. For our anniversary that year, since we were low on funds, and really didn't know what else to do, we went to Target (still a common theme for our date nights) and found some pencils and sudoku books in the dollar section. We drove to the park along the river, parked, and raced in sudoku. Again... I lost every game. And we laughed about how lame we are, already acting like an old experienced married couple, doing our puzzles to keep our brains active.

An accidental early trip through the new car wash. Between Kyle's junior and senior years at BYU he did an internship in Round Rock, Texas. It was a fun adventure for our family- we definitely hold Round Rock/Austin in a special place in our hearts. Since we would only be there for the summer, we didn't want to haul all of our furniture and everything to Texas only to turn around the bring it back 4 months later. So, we loaded up our 4-door Subaru Legacy with only the essentials we felt we really needed. Kyle drove the 24 hours by himself and Hailey and I flew down a week later after I finished my last week of work. After making the drive from Utah to Texas the car very much needed a wash. I saw a brand new car wash just down the street from our apartment. There were cars there going through the wash, so we stopped to get one as well. To make a long story short- as we pulled up for our turn the attendant had a large smile on his face, almost laughing, and informed us that they weren't open yet and were doing a run through with the employees to make sure everything was working right before they opened. He talked with the manager and they were nice enough to let us go through and get a quick rinse. Later we drove by the car wash, on the opposite site of the building where we had entered and saw a coming soon sign. We were completely embarrassed but went back later for a real wash and paid them for it.

Walking through San Francisco. Kyle's sister, Chelsie, played Rugby for BYU. Their team made it to the national finals at Stanford one year. We went out to San Francisco and Stanford with Kyle's family to cheer them one. One afternoon in San Francisco Kyle and I were dropped off and we walked from one end of the city to the other. I don't remember exactly why, but we ended up wandering San Francisco on foot for about 2 hours. Just the two of us. It was so much fun! Nothing incredibly exciting happened. It was just the two of us wandering around a city we'd never seen, seeing new sights. We did stumble upon the end of a yo-yo competition (which we were sad that we had missed out on the meat of it), and we found Lombard Street (the crookedest street) which I was dearly wanting to visit.

Playing games with friends. We had the best group of friends while married at BYU. Slowly we split up, and now we're in different parts of the country. It is sad, we miss those friends so much! We used to get together with our friends every single weekend and play games, and laugh, and laugh, and eat all sorts of good junk. We had an obsessive Sequence tournament with Andy and Julie, and played boys vs. girls. The boys dominated Julie and I. But we didn't care, we always came back for more! We hosted our own Easter egg hunt, just for us adults-we didn't have any children, and ate ourselves silly with sugar. Those are the friends that will do all sorts of ridiculous things with you- like hosting a couples sleepover, where the boys stayed up late watching some sort of movie and the girls all fell asleep within the first 15 minutes of it. And then everyone enjoyed pancakes or waffles with fruit in the morning. These are times that can only be done in college before babies. But it sure was fun!  

Babies. Of course I must mention those two babies of ours. Our seven years wouldn't be complete without them. Both of their births were so exciting and happy for us. We love watching them grow and are often caught off guard by how quickly they have grown right under our noses and we haven't noticed it. Suddenly one day they are so much bigger! But we love it, because each time they grow, it just means it opens another door to some other sort of fun we can have with them. 

The small things. The everyday things that we laugh about. Whether it is something dumb I have done or said, or something silly or downright ridiculous Kyle has done. For example, as we were driving in the middle of nowhere in the car yesterday, Kyle asked me to transfer water from one waterbottle to another. I'm already clumsy as it is, but while I was trying to fill up the water bottle he starts turning the steering wheel back and forth causing the me and the waterbottles to sway back and forth - and of course eventually spilling on myself, with Kyle laughing at me. I admit, I was laughing too. Or there's the time he taped me to the seat in the car with masking tape, or how he always hides for me in the dark when I'm walking in the hall or bedroom at night.

Yes, we have fun. Our marriage isn't perfect- it isn't always fun. But there nearly always seems to be something to smile about. I sure do love that kid. 

Thank you Kyle for getting me to loosen up occasionally, and helping me to see the brighter side of things. What a perfect match you are for me. I love you!


  1. Happy Anniversary! This was so fun to read. I think if Bron and I were to do Sudoku, he'd win every time too!

  2. Love this! Miss you guys like crazy.

  3. Love this! Miss you guys like crazy.

  4. We sure love you guys! Happy Anniversary!

  5. You guys are so cute. Happy anniversary!

  6. Renae, I can't tell you how much I appreciate every single one of your comments (on IG and on my blog)! They hit the nail right on the head. I feel like we have so much in common too! Perhaps I will have to make a trip down to Utah this summer just to meet you all. A day at the park or something similar would be so much fun!



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