Tuesday, May 20, 2014


My parents moved into their new house. It took a couple of extra months- but their home is done. And it is very nice and spacious. I'm sure they are happy about having their own space again, and being able to spread out. They have been cramped into a bedroom in our basement for the past 9 months. As much as we love my family, we are pretty happy about having our basement back. But... that means we have a lot of cleaning and re-organizing to do.

Rara Hill came to visit. A few times. She came the first part of April because Kyle's sister Brittany was a model in a fashion show in Provo. The second time she came (along with Papa) a couple of weeks later for Brittany's graduation from BYU (Congratulations Brittany!!). The third time she came was a short stop before and after her trip to South Carolina with Brittany for cousin Julia's graduation from the University of South Carolina. We love having Rara (and Papa) come visit us!

Kyle and I ran away for the weekend. Kind of. It wasn't a relaxing, vacation, romantic run away. It was quick and busy. Kyle's best friend Reid was married the beginning of May. Kyle and I left the girls with my parents (I love that we can do that now) and drove to Washington for the wedding. We absolutely couldn't miss Reid's wedding! It was so fun to see him and Dana so happy. I was also able to catch up with my best friend Julie for a little bit. It was really weird being the friend without children- but also kind of nice. I admit, I did miss those two girls. It was an odd feeling to wake up in the morning with no one begging me to roll out of bed or asking for breakfast.

Keira called Hailey's bluff. Really, she unknowingly helped me out. Hailey one morning brought her clothes to the living room to get changed and left her pajamas behind. I asked her to take them up to her room. Next thing I know they are gone, much too quickly. I asked where they were and didn't get much of a response from her. I asked again where they were and asked if she put them away. She told me she did, but I was still doubtful. Next thing I know, I see Keira pulling out one of the fabric bins in the bookshelf. Lo and behold, there were the PJs. Busted. It was hard not to laugh at Keira's innocence. I asked where the pajamas were and she found them.

Star Wars Episodes 1-6. Kyle introduced Hailey to Star Wars. The two of them watched all 6 movies, over a period of a few months. Hailey is convinced she wants to be a Jedi for Halloween. And nearly every scary part is her favorite- or so she says. I don't know if that is really true, or if it's her way of psyching herself up for it. (Hailey did not watch all of Episode 3- that one gets too intense and sensitive.)

Mother's Day. I enjoyed a good Mother's Day. I slept in until almost 8:30 and woke up to the smell of bacon. Kyle cooked up breakfast burritos- one of our favorite meals. While Kyle cooked, Hailey made me a card and was so excited to give me her surprise. Earlier in the week I was invited to go to the last 45 minutes of preschool for a Mom and Muffin party. We ate muffins and were presented with necklaces and a questionnaire about us filled out by our child. Apparently if Hailey could give me anything it would be a pony and saddle. Hmm... something Hailey wants? I am not so fond of horses. :)


  1. Love the last picture of you two! You guys have been busy, but in the best way. The story about Keira and the pjs reminds me so much of the mischief of my two little boys. haha

  2. I love your gorgeous pictures! We have poppies, too, in our backyard (see my Facebook post), and I agree they look like bright crepe paper. However, ours want to take over the planet, and they need to be confined! My husband wants to make war on them. (He says they are doomed. We pull them up, after they bloom, but they reappear and cover other things we plant.

    1. We looked up poppies online after we got home. We did read that they take over. They are gorgeous, but they dominate over everything else. It's too bad, because I would jump on planting them around our house. Their color would look fantastic. Oh well!



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