Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Sunday Morning Hike

Kyle and I feel so lucky to live in Farmington. We love it here. It is a small town nestled up close to the mountains that still holds land with farming and animals, but has relatively quick access to plenty of shopping and is just 20 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City. Ideally we would love to someday live out in the country, with a large garden, space to play, and beautiful scenery to enjoy. But... for now we are happy where we're at.

I mean really, we don't need to drive far to get a spectacular view. Just a short drive along main street gives the feeling of country living:

One of the best things about Farmington is the number of easily accessible hiking and biking trails. Kyle and I really want to do a better job this summer of getting out and exploring the area around us. We started this past Sunday by taking the girls out for a morning hike (or walk really). 

We hiked along the Farmington Creek Trial. It begins on a paved path that travels around the perimeter of Lagoon and then cuts through part of the city and heads up into the mountains as it follows the path of Farmington Creek.

We followed the path around Lagoon and then up to Farmington Pond. There we saw ducks and many geese (including a very cute family of geese).

I tried to get a few shots of uncooperative Hailey.

Eventually I got a couple of good ones.

Kyle and I were enchanted by this poppy. I don't know that I had ever seen one up close. They look to me like they are made from tissue paper. And I just love the color. 

I love how nicely maintained this trail is. Plenty of benches and garbage cans- no trash scattered around. The bridges crossing over the creek are pretty awesome structures as well.
Now, I'm pretty sure for all of us the best part of our walk was the surprise we found along the sides of the path. 

The cottonwood trees had dropped their seeds causing the trail to look like some sort of mystical forest. Honestly, my pictures don't do it justice. It was awesome!

In some parts the depth of the cottonwood seeds was a couple of inches. This made for some fun play as we ran through it, kicking up swirling clouds of seed.

We enjoyed ourselves so much it was hard to go back home. We so badly wanted to stay and picnic and play the day away outside. But... there was still church to attend. Playing hookey from church was pretty tempting. But we didn't, because we know it's important for us to be there each Sunday. But, now that we know about this trail we'll have to come back another day and plan to stay longer and explore more.

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  1. What a fun place! I can just imagine the cotton swirling around like magic. :)



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