Saturday, April 6, 2013

Through Hailey’s Eyes

One day while I was doing laundry, Hailey got ahold of my point and shoot camera and snapped a few pictures.



I was ok with it, and entertained her a little bit and smiled for the camera. We took a picture together and had a few fun minutes.


I put the camera away in my purse. Later that day she grabbed the camera, without me knowing, and took some more pictures. I honestly don’t remember if she was supposed to be doing quiet time, or if this was after. I was in the bedroom folding laundry, with the door closed, so I could indulge myself in a Dr. Quinn episode without Hailey wanting to watch. Folding laundry is always so much more tolerable when I have something to watch. Anyway, I really had no idea what she was up to. She later shared with me that she took pictures of everything. Looking through the camera, I’d agree- she did take pictures of everything.

Normally I edit my pictures in Photoshop before adding them to the blog. I just left them alone this time. They’re Hailey’s pictures, and there really are too many of them. I did filter through them and pick out the better of the bunch. Enjoy the camera through Hailey’s eyes- and a small tour through our home.

IMG_3828View from the living room.


IMG_3830Kitchen cabinet.

IMG_3831In the fridge. This one really cracked me up, for some reason.

IMG_3833Mom written in magnet letters on the fridge. (Which, by the way, Hailey knows how to do on her own.)

IMG_3843Keira’s swing without the removable bouncer chair.

IMG_3864Family Room Monster Sacs.

IMG_3871Brick from the fireplace in the family room.

IMG_3877View from the family room.

IMG_3884Hanging bowls from the play kitchen.

IMG_3887Hailey’s doll.

IMG_3888Inside a hanging shoe organizer I use in the closet for coloring supplies.

IMG_3890Dress-up from Aunt Brittany brought back from China, hanging in the closet.

IMG_3893Inside the toy box.

IMG_3894Our bedroom door.


IMG_3896Plush Cat named Rosemary that Aunt Chelsea made for Christmas this year.

IMG_3897Winnie-the-Pooh alphabet toy.

IMG_3898Books on the bookshelf.

IMG_3901Measuring spoon, fork and empty jar of Nutella.

IMG_3902Drawing on the easel. Hailey’s friend, Grace, wrote the letters.

IMG_3914Living Room as seen from upstairs.

IMG_3919Kitchen as seen from upstairs.

IMG_3941Hailey’s MySpace picture. Is MySpace even around anymore?

On another day, Hailey, Keira, and I were playing in the playroom. Keira started laughing. I had the camera right by me, so I asked Hailey to take some video of Keira laughing for me. She took her own video of what was important to her instead.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!!! and that Hailey girl!!!

  2. This is busting me up! So adorable. Looks like you have a photographer in the making. (Also, I'm glad you have toys on the floor too.)

  3. This is so awesome! I've been wanting to see more pictures of your house, so thanks Hailey! And the MySpace picture cracks me up!

  4. Haha, I love her MySpace pic! What a cutie girl she is!



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