Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hailey Can Do That

tummy time

Hailey is so funny. Or maybe she is starved for attention. Probably a little of both.

Everything we have Keira do, Hailey shows us that she can do that too. For the first couple of months when I would put Keira down for tummy time, Hailey would do tummy time too. Occasionally Hailey asks me to wrap her up in a swaddle, just like Keira. Lately we’ve been trying to encourage Keira to rollover. So, Hailey shows us over, and over, and over how well she can roll.

Maybe Hailey feels a little bit of competition for attention. But I do know that she loves her sister very much. She loves to hold her, and is quick to give her a pacifier when she is crying, or wipe her face when she spits up. She is also very proud and quick to tell strangers at the store that she has a baby sister. She loves to show her off. I recently did the crazy and moved Keira into the bedroom with Hailey. It has been way better than I thought it was going to be, by the way. Hailey loves having Keira in there with her. In fact, she gets upset if I take Keira out of the room at night. She is so concerned and insists that Keira sleep in there with her. I have to reassure her that Keira will be back shortly.

So, Hailey, don’t you worry, things won’t always be this way. Soon enough the two of you will be equals. For now, thank you for your willingness to help me and be such a fantastic big sister to Keira. I can already tell that she looks up to you. Keira is a lucky girl to have such a fun sister.

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