Thursday, February 2, 2017

2016 RECAP- PART 1

Happy New Year! 2017 is here... and I have missed out on documenting the majority of 2016. I swear, every year time moves faster and faster. The girls are getting older and busier, which means I'm getting busier and busier. I often find it harder to keep up with the things I used to spend my time doing, like reading, sewing, crafting and learning with the girls, and blogging. But it's a new year! And a great time to redirect my focus. Hopefully I can keep up better this year. :) (Let's hope I pick it up. I started this post a month ago, hence the Happy New Year.)

Before 2017 gets away from me, let's recap 2016!

JANUARY and FEBRUARY are a blur. Kacey turned 6 months old and I finally began to feel myself again. After a difficult transition from 2 to 3 children, life finally began to normalize again. I made a resolution to be more organized and create a more healthy routine for our family. I made chore charts and began paying out quarters for extra jobs done and gave the girls the option to buy back candy they are given at school and church. Hailey and Keira quickly cashed in on a new Lego set!

MARCH brought memories and lessons of eternal families. My mom and I took the girls to the Provo City Center Temple open house. A few days later my Grandpa Park passed away. Though it was sad to lose him here in this life, it was happy to know he is finally with my Grandma who he missed so much. 

This month Hailey took her first session of ice skating lessons! She loved it and by the end of the three weeks was skating on her own across the whole rink.

The girls and I (plus Chelsie) took a spring break road trip to Washington to visit friends and family- a must needed getaway for me! 

In APRIL I flew to North Carolina with Kacey and my parents to visit Curtis and Chelsea. I had a blast touring NC State, going to the flea market, taking in the green scenery, and exploring the ocean and the Outer Banks. Kyle was a trooper for letting me take off for the week and his mom was super kind for agreeing to stay at our house for the week to help watch the girls.

In MAY Hailey learned to ride a bike with 2 wheels! It took maybe 30 minutes to build up some balance and confidence and then she was off! She hit just about every obstacle in her path; bushes, mailboxes, even her sister! But she did it and became a bike riding enthusiast! As soon as she came home from school she would throw down her back pack and take off on her bike. 

Hailey also played another season of soccer.

The end of the school year came the first part of JUNE. Hailey said goodbye to kindergarten and was excited for all the fun summer would bring. The girls took a session of swim lessons at the city pool and we began to really enjoy being outside again.

Kyle and I went bow fishing for carp in Utah Lake- I even caught one! 

Papa and Rara Hill drove down and picked up Hailey and Keira and took them back to Washington with them for two weeks. The girls did another session of swim lessons and lived in their swim suits. They also went to the planetarium, broke open geodes, and had the time of their life without us. Meanwhile Kyle and I enjoyed some quiet in Utah with just us and Kacey.

TO BE CONTINUED...Check out PART 2 for the second half of the year. 

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