Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hailey is 7

Hailey turned 7 back in November and I can hardly believe it. Seriously, just today I asked Kyle if he thought it was crazy to think that we have 3 kids. We both agree... totally crazy. And on top of that the oldest is 7. 7 years ago we became parents!

Hailey is a fantastic girl. She plays the part of oldest child exceptionally well. She nurtures and cares for Keira and Kacey. She tries to keep them in line and sometimes I have to remind her that she isn't the mom. But she loves her sisters and is always willing to help whenever I ask. She plays with Keira and reads with Kacey. This morning I was pleasantly surprised to come out of my bedroom to find Hailey, Keira and Kacey all downstairs in the kitchen, Hailey with a bowl of cereal in hand for Kacey. Hailey had been kind enough to drag help Kacey out of her crib and make her breakfast. What a great way to start Saturday morning! 

Hailey has lost 2 teeth. Her second one she lost at school while I was there eating lunch with her! Currently, her top two teeth are loose and have been for months. We're just waiting for those two to fall out!
Just this past week we had parent/teacher conference at Hailey's school. She has two teachers, one for homeroom who teaches math and science and the other for language arts and social studies. They had nothing but good things to say about her. We couldn't be more proud of her! Her reading fluency is well above 1st grade, in fact it is near where it should be at the end of 3rd grade and her comprehension is 2nd grade. Her math level is 2nd grade as well. Somehow in the car we got into a discussion on multiplication, a topic she could definitely grasp with just a little practice.

Hailey is our scientist who currently aspires to be a geologist or a meteorologist. She has an interest in learning, which I admit, we need to do more to harness. She loves watching science videos on YouTube with Kyle. Their latest video was on mosquitoes and malaria.

Hailey really is a sweet girl who tries her best to do what is right. She offers the most sincere and thoughtful prayers and is quick to keep us in line for evening family prayers. She really is a pretty easy going kid who loves everyone. 

Here are a few Haileyisms from the last year:

1. A conversation between Hailey and Kyle about a copy of the Book of Mormon we have: 

Hailey: "Dad, where did you get this book?" 
Kyle: "Probably the MTC."
Hailey: "The empty sea?"

2. It was raining and Hailey said that the clouds must have put on their thunderwear!

3. I love that kids mix up words based on what it sounds like to them. Hailey said she wanted to "bury her testimony".

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  1. Seriously have had the same thoughts. Jed will turn 7 in April. 7!!! How are we old enough and been married long enough to have kids this big? Slow down!



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