Monday, February 20, 2012


02.20.12_touch upRiding the escalator with Rara Hill.

We spent our holiday in the Salt Lake valley. Our morning started with breakfast at Kneaders. I had their French toast for the first time. Amazing. Super sugary, but so good! Then the boys went boy shopping (to REI and the running store) and the girls hit up Forever 21 and H&M. Hailey was not in the mood to shop. I ended up carrying her most of the time. It was a nice arm workout. She’s getting too big.

After Hailey’s nap we stopped in Salt Lake City and rode TRAX to dinner at the Blue Iguana. The Blue Iguana is our current favorite Mexican restraunt. After eating way too much, we rode TRAX to the Gateway mall and did a little shopping while we killed some time before Kyle’s parents needed to be to the airport to catch their flight back home. We spent most of our shopping time wandering around Dick’s. Hailey loved the escalator and wanted to go up and down, up and down. 

Hailey was so sad to see her grandparents go. Leaving the airport she kept repeating, “I fly airplane”, “I new, new Papa, Rara”. She wanted to go with them so bad. She even asked so nicely by saying please. Sorry, not today silly girl.

We had a great time with Kyle’s parents and are so glad they came to visit! Thanks for everything!


  1. Have you guys eaten at Red Iguana? That is Bryant's absolute favorite Mexican Restaurant.
    It's fun to have visitors, but it is hard on Brooklyn when they leave too. They just can't understand why they can't be together :(



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