Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Keira: 12 months

Our baby is one! I feel like with Keira time has been zipping by. I blink and she's suddenly a month older and has a handful of new tricks.

I love seeing understanding grow. Watching her think and process, and pick up new skills. It is truly amazing how much little kids soak in, and how quickly!

Keira loves animals. She makes a good number of their sounds. She knows dog, sheep, lion, cat (sometimes), rabbit, fish, and her favorite, elephant. The elephant noise has become her all encompassing animal noise.

Her communication skills are beginning to boom. Keira has picked up on some additional signs. She now signs all done, more, please, water, and milk. As for speech she produces a fairly constant stream of jibber-jabber. I love it. Babbling is my favorite. Beyond babbling, she says baby ("day-di" or something like that), dad ("da" or "dada"), mom ("mamam"), and one time I swear she said dog ("da"). Besides that I am amazed at how well she is able to communicate just by pointing and gesturing. I'm not always right, but most of the time I know exactly what she is saying. 

She is beginning to understand so much. Of course she understands a lot more than she can vocalize. If I ask her to go get a book, she will crawl over and find a book. Sometimes she even manages to crawl and drag the book along with her and bring it to me. And then of course climbs up into my lap eager to read it. She gives hugs if I ask her to. And sometimes even if I don't. They're the best. Seriously. Keira is very good about taking out her pacifier and leaving it in her crib. When I ask her to take it out, she'll pull it out of her mouth and drop it back in the crib. Pacifiers are only for sleeping.  

A fear of strangers has set in. Two days in a row Keira started crying at the store because a stranger looked at her. The first time was all out screaming tears at Home Depot while I was making a few returns of purchases we didn't use in finishing our bathroom. The second was at JoAnn's and a little less scary for Keira, but she was frantically turning around and reaching out to me. I guess it's a good thing, to an extent.

We're working on walking. She's not there yet. But she loves to toddle around the house holding fingers, or pushing around her Jeep push toy. She loves that toy. Maybe it's the independence she feels from pushing and walking on her own, or maybe it's just that it's a Jeep that she loves. The beaming smile on her face while pushing it around is absolutely contagious. 

Keira has mastered the stairs. Up and down she goes, all day long. She has caught on to sliding down on her tummy. It's so cute to see such a small person sliding down the stairs. 

Her personality is bursting forth. She is so goofy. I love it. She even thinks she's funny. Sometimes she will laugh at herself. Which is a funny cycle. She laughs at something she has done, I laugh because she is laughing, she laughs because I am laughing... and around it goes. 

Keira is pretty much adorable. It's true. End of story.

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  1. I love that last line. Babies really do acquire a handful of new tricks every month! And I agree, time is just zooming by.

    Also, I'm in love with your blog's new tag line. Very clever.



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