Thursday, February 6, 2014

Haileyisms: 4 years

Hailey's instructions on driving (at Christmastime): "Rara, you have to drive safe. You can't drive on the sidewalk or in people's houses. Sometimes people's Christmas trees will get ruined."

At the store my mom took Hailey with her to the bathroom while I was checking out. After I finished, I wasn't sure if they were still in the bathroom or elsewhere in the store. Hailey said, "You didn't know where that Rara and this girl were."

Hailey was given the game Sequence For Kids for her birthday. Each of the cards in the game are animals, each animal has a name associated with it. Example, Sherman the Shark. When I played a card, I said the animals name. Hailey copied, but made up her own names. My favorite was "Stinko the Elephant"

Addressing me, she called me "Miss Hill..."

I buy yogurt for Kyle to take to work with him each day. Kyle loves the key lime pie. And Hailey loves to eat it, especially since she knows he likes it so much. One morning Kyle came down while Hailey was eating some key lime yogurt and Hailey rubbed it in his face, "Dad, I'm eating your favorite yogurt..."

One evening Kyle was playing Fruit Ninja on his phone. Hailey wanted to use his phone for a storybook app. Kyle told her to wait for him to finish his game first. Hailey watched him play and instructed him "Dad, don't hit the bombs..." She stopped herself as the wheels in her head started turning, ".. Hit the bombs! Hit the bombs!"

Corinne had plans to stay overnight with her boyfriend's family one night before an early morning huntng trip. Before she left Hailey told her, "Have fun at your sleepover. If you get scared call my Rara. She'll help you."

One morning Hailey woke up congested. Crying, she said, "My nose doesn't work. It can't smell anymore."

Hailey was playing alone in her bedroom. Kyle sat in our bedroom across the hall from her. Suddenly she burst from the room yelling with prolonged urgency "It's coming!" while running to the bathroom

Unsure what to call her saliva, she referred to it as her "mouth drink".

Hailey constantly has excuses for what she claims to be "sick" Her latest, "I think, when I went camping, the leaves made me sick." We went camping 4 months previously. She had put a leaf in her mouth. Apparently it had a delayed reaction and made her sick months later.

Kyle and I were discussing Kyle's strategy with legos. Kyle was explaining to me that instead of organizing his legos by color, or type of piece, he prefers to mix them all together because he stumbles upon more inspiration that way. Hailey must have been listening because a few minutes later, referring to the big box of legos, she said, "When I dig in there I can feel my brain moving."



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