Friday, April 18, 2014


I've been wanting to post on here lately, but haven't been able to find the time or the content to post. We've been up to things and stuff. You know, living life. I  just don't have anything real spectacular to share. Here's a little of what we've been up to anyway.

Our fridge died. That is probably the biggest thing that has happened. We spent the weekend eating out of the freezer (thank goodness we have an upright one in the basement!), and storing what few refrigerated items we could save in a few small coolers. It was an unexpected large expense, but... we did get a new updated fridge out of it. It's just a jump start on that kitchen update we want to do someday, right? (Even if it is a few years ahead of any other updates) The in the door water is a novelty item. It's getting Hailey and Keira to drink plenty of water- it's so exciting to see the water coming from the door!

Kyle is attempting to whip me into shape. I am no athlete. I enjoy bike riding, I like to play some sports. But I have 0 points when it comes to agility and grace. Exercising and pushing myself to my physical limit is just not high on my list of enjoyable things to do. Kyle is so good at pushing me outside of my comfortable box. He has gotten me out running! I've even gone on my own free will a few times. Amazing. Really. I've been making it to zumba twice a week at our stake center- and I've enjoyed it. There is definitely a reason I married that boy. He gets me doing things I didn't think I would do.

Spring is here! That means Kyle has been out in the yard working on the beginnings of our transformation. We are putting in all new grass in our backyard. There is still a lot of work to be done before that can happen. The front just received a new helping of seed to fill in the patches of dead spots. Soon enough we'll work on some landscaping. Here, here to some curb appeal!

The stairs have become Keira's favorite spot. She loves to plop down and let her feet touch the floor. The stairs are the perfect height for her little body. I love watching her as she toddles over to the stairs, book in hand, and sits down, softly kicking her feet.

Keira has an obsession with animals. I know most kids do. Hailey did at that age as well. Keira is funny though. She gets so excited when she sees any animal. She screams. Really. We saw a cat on our walk the other day and she screamed- for a second I thought she was upset. She was just over the top excited. My favorite of her latest animals sounds is her cute high pitched "tweet tweet" when she sees a bird.

Hailey's coloring skills have exploded. In recent months she has become very selective of what colors she places where. She uses a peach color for skin, brown or yellow for hair. She tries her hardest to color in the lines. Her pictures are really starting to look fantastic. I've received numerous positive comments on her coloring recently. I agree. It looks good! I'm glad she has found something she enjoys and is willing to spend some extra time on.

What else, what else... we hosted a Frozen party last month, had some friends over for some Easter fun this morning, we've gone on some walks around the neighborhood, a family bike ride, and a "hike" around Lagoon (more of a nature walk). 

That's what we've been up to. What about you?

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