Monday, March 23, 2015

Keira-isms: 2 years

Keira's speech has taken off since her birthday. She is full of constant chitter-chatter. It is so fun to hear what she has to say! 

Some of my favorite phrases are: "I lap you" when she asks to sit on my lap, "Two more minutes!" which she says holding up 1 finger when I tell her it's time to leave the park, "Picture me!" and "Cheeeeese!" anytime I pull out the camera, and her standard response to any question, "I don't know..." (Q: "Keira, what are you doing?" A: "I don't know...") 

Keira has a naturally funny personality. Kyle and I love it, because she really has no idea how funny she is. She is good at imitation, which is likely why she talks so much. She copies everything Hailey says, it really is like hearing an echo. Besides speech imitation, she is good at copying actions she sees, which always has funny results.

Some of the best Keira-isms I've noted are:

1. While sitting on the couch, with Keira on my lap, she turned around to face me, pulled out my shirt and took a little look down it and said, "Ohhhhh..." Shen then began unzipping her pajamas and said, "My turn!"

2. We recently bought Kyle a new suit. The first Sunday he wore it to church Keira came up to him and touched the suit, "Cute... cute Dad."

3. It has now become bedtime routine for Keira to fake sleep when Kyle leans in to say goodnight to her. I will put her in bed, say goodnight, and as soon as Kyle comes over she has her eyes clamped shut and faking sleep. When Kyle tries to give her a hug she squeals "No, don't! I'm sleeping!"

Her personality just kills me. I wish I could adequately put into words a description of who she is. She is sassy (stomping around the house with her arms folded and her lips pursed when she's mad at me), stubborn (constant responses of "No" when I ask her to do something, though this could just be a part of being 2.), independent ("Me do it!" "All by myself!" "Go Mom, Go!"), selfless ("I share Hailey!"- she has always had a good streak of sharing. In fact at one time anytime I gave her a snack she had to have two, one to share with Hailey), hilarious ("I toot!" as she throws her head back into a laugh while sitting on the potty), and loving ("I love you" she spontaneously tells me while giving me a big hug as we sit and chat together.) 

This picture is SO her.

I attempted to interview Keira last week. I don't think the video does justice to just how fun she is, but it gives a little peek into who 2 year old Keira is.

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  1. She sounds like a hoot! Can we get her and Levi together? It would be hilarious entertainment. You do so good at these isms and describing what your girls are up to!



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