Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Fall brought another season of soccer for Hailey. Her age bumped her up from 3-on-3 to 5-on-5. It is funny how much more crowded the "pack" feels with the addition of 4 more bodies. So many little legs all scrambling for the same ball. It wasn't as easy to get a break away. Hailey was still able to capture a few goals. The best was how excited she was after her first of the season. Describing it she said, "it went in like a squirt bottle!" I was impressed with the teamwork the girls were starting to use toward the end of the season. Their coach was able to teach them to use passing to work the ball down the field. A little bit. They are 5-year-olds after all. 

Keira really is Hailey's biggest fan. She loves to go and watch. And eat her snacks. She especially loves it when the local dentist shows up with free water bottles, cutie oranges, and notepads. That's what soccer is about right, all the goodies?

The above pictures of Keira so well illustrate life at the beginning of fall. Mismatched clothes and crazy undone hair. At least she is dressed and has shoes on. Even if they are cleats. I pulled out Hailey's old cleats, which Keira was super excited to wear. I admit, I kind of loved it. 

While Kyle loves soccer and can more easily watch Hailey's games now, he still prefers to step away for a bit and play with Keira. The lack of skill in the games is a bit painful for him to watch. You know, the pack that swarms and moves with the ball. He goes, watches for a bit and supports. And then he entertains Keira. 

Of course Kacey didn't care much for soccer and usually took a nice nap through the game. 

No matter how much you love soccer, it's always more fun when one of your best friends is on the team.

And so ended another season. We're ready for some warmer weather so we can get out and play again! We'll be back out there again in just a few months.

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  1. Love that she's in to sports already. I'm having a hard time committing to that just yet. It was fun to see these different angles of Hailey in action!



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