Monday, January 18, 2016


Kacey is now 6 months old. Last I posted she was 3 months old. So much happens in just 3 months time in a baby's life!

The biggest accomplishment she has reached is her ability to sit on her own. She has always wanted to be upright. When she was newborn, being held upright and facing forward is what calmed her. By 4 months I was able to sit her in the bumbo seat where she could sit up and play while watching her sisters run around. Now she sits without support, which mean she can cruise the store in the shopping cart, and can splash and play in the bathtub. Life has improved greatly with this new found skill.

Kacey is our observer. I'm not sure if it is due to her personality, or if it is because she has two older sisters to watch and learn from. Of course it could be both. She usually is content to sit quietly while she observes her surroundings. This of course changes once she's tired. Then she turns into a wild child who likes to gargle the saliva at the back of her throat, make raspberry noises, and bend and arch her back.

She has a thing for faces. She will latch onto any skin she can find when you pick her up. This is especially true when she is wild and tired. I have a pretty good idea it's nap time when she begins to grab onto my face and try to eat it. 

I just love her blonde hair. When she was born I thought for sure she'd have light brown hair like Keira, but it's coming in blonde like Hailey. She has pretty blue eyes with long lashes. She gets so many comments on her eyes. Lucky girl!

Kacey loves her sisters. She gets excited when they play with her. She kicks her legs and smiles. It was so funny to watch her interact with Keira the other day. Kacey sat in her bumbo and Keira was behind her. Kacey arched her back and leaned waaay back in her seat, tipping her head upside down. She looked at Keira and laughed. She did this over and over again.

She clapped for a couple of weeks. When we clapped, she would copy. And then she stopped. Now she brings her hands together in a fist and shakes them as if to say, "yay me!" 

She is beginning to tolerate tummy time more. She has rolled over a handful of times. I'm not so sure she even knows what she did. She now will hold herself up with her arms. She has scooted slightly on her tummy by pushing with her feet. Once she figures out what to do with her arms she'll be moving all over. Not fast, nor crawling, but she could at least move herself to something she's interested in. 

Kacey adds a lot to our family already. We love her. Though I'd give her bonus points if she'd learn to take a bottle and sleep all night. Someday. :)

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