Sunday, January 24, 2016


Burger King in Mountain Home, ID
We usually make a pit stop in Mountain Home to fill up on gas and grab something to eat. Our usual place is Arby's, but we missed the exit and had to take the next instead.  Burger King it was then.
Mid-October Hailey had Fall Break. She got Thursday and Friday off that week. Kyle was in need of new glasses, I was in need of a getaway, so we made a last minute decision to take off and drive to Washington for the weekend. We let Hailey skip school on Wednesday and drove all day. I was nervous about how well Kacey would do. She was just 3 months old and going through an I-hate-my-car-seat phase. We were completely blessed, she did fantastic. She slept most of the way there and on the drive back home. The older girls were great, though we did melt their brains with the number of movies they watched. On the drive we'll do whatever will keep our sanity.

The weather was fantastic. It was still warm enough for shorts, but just cool enough to maybe want a jacket. We took plenty of advantage of the weather. 

To start it off, we spent sometime at the Country Mercantile in Pasco. We took a tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch and picked pumpkins, which the girls later painted with Rara. Kyle and Hailey ran through the Hay Maze, and the girls ventured into the corn maze with Papa and Rara. To end it, we topped the trip off with some ice cream. 

Since Kyle was in need of new glasses and I was wanting an eye exam we went into Papa's office where all 4 of us ended up getting exams. Turns out Hailey is far-sighted and scored a new pair of glasses to help her overworked eyes relax. She picked out some bright pink frames that look super cute on her. She was so excited!

Papa and Rara picked up a remote controlled Star Wars X-Wing fighter. We took it out to the park and watched Kyle fly it around. After a while we moved on to the playground and let the girls run around. 

We also went swimming. In October? You bet! Papa and Rara cranked up the heat in the pool so the girls could enjoy some pool time. Kacey chilled poolside while the girls splashed and swam.

We also surprised the Hague's and Dickman's. Their reaction was pretty much worth the drive. We had too much fun letting the kids play while the adults chatted. We really didn't want to leave. It's so sad living far from such awesome friends!

The trip was much needed and much appreciated. It was fast, and not quite long enough. We had a blast! We can't wait until summer comes and we can do it again.

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  1. That trip looks like it was sooo much fun! You smashed a lot in to a small amount of time. A lot of fun stuff! And you're making me miss warmer weather.



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