Wednesday, February 3, 2016


The advantage of having Kacey's birthday on the 1st day of the month, means the beginning of each month is an easy reminder that she is one month older. So here we are at the start of February, and the start of another month for Kacey.

This girl is 7 months old. Say what?!

At least that's how I feel. Suddenly she is getting so big. Kacey is now rolling from her tummy to back, in one direction only. When placed on her tummy her immediate response is to roll. She will even begin to roll before she is completely on the ground. I have also watched her try to roll while sitting up. It's kind of hilarious. We're working on rolling from back to tummy, so she can do a full rotation. She's getting there. She will twist her top half and reach with her outer arm to grab whatever I am trying to lure her with (puffs work great!), but doesn't move her lower half.

Her other big milestone last month was the introduction of solid foods. She makes some of the best faces when eating. She is slowly getting more accustomed to the veggies we've been giving her. If in the right mood she will devour carrots and squash. She isn't as much of a fan of peas and green beans. Though mixing them with the sweeter vegetables helps. She really doesn't eat that much and is easily distracted. It's ok, she's just experimenting with new tastes and textures right now anyway. We're still practicing with the sippy cup. I don't know how much she actually gets out of it (not much), but at least she doesn't chew on the spout anymore.

She does love puffs. They entertain her for a good amount of time. She is able to get them in her mouth about half of the time. She usually has a few stuck to her and a nice pile that collects in her lap. 

That blonde hair- I just love it!
As adorable as she is, she is a stinker at nighttime still. For about a week she began sleeping most of the night, only waking once between about 1:00 - 2:00 am. This week has been back to waking every 2 hours again. Someday we'll all get a full nights sleep again! Right? Someday...

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