Wednesday, March 30, 2016


November brought Hailey's 6th birthday. Six! That is just two years away from eight. Suddenly she is feeling so grown up. I think a mixture of kindergarten and age has led to her increased maturity. I don't know why, but it feels so odd to see her being a kid. Like a real kid. You know... starting to experience kid things I remember experiencing.

Hailey made a couple of changes to her look over the fall. The first one being her first major haircut. I mentioned to Hailey that we'd take her to get her haircut. I had a trim in mind. She had a totally different idea. She said she wanted to cut her to hair to her chin and she wasn't budging. I realized it is her hair and she surely is old enough to have some part in deciding her haircut, so I took a deep breath and let her do it. She cut off about 6 inches. Turns out it is an adorable cut on her! Such a good move. 

The second big change was the addition of bright pink glasses. On our trip to Washington over Fall Break, Papa Hill noticed some far-sightedness in Hailey and recommended glasses to help reduce any eyestrain. She was so excited! Of course, those paired with her short hair look super cute. Too bad the novelty has worn off of the glasses and I need to remind her daily to wear them (which I'm not very good at remembering.)

Hailey is a fun girl! She makes friends with everyone. When we go to the park or out to play somewhere she always finds a new friend to play with. Hailey explained it to me once. Basically, you just ask someone if they want to be your friend. They say yes. You tell each other your names, and then you're friends. Easy as that.

I love watching Hailey and her train of friends as they leave sacrament meeting at church and head off to primary together. After the closing prayer Hailey grabs Keira and they go around collecting friends and walk together. 

She is good at including everyone. Sometimes she needs a little nudge or reminder, but then doesn't hesitate to ask others to join in on the fun. Hailey is friends with everyone and easily alters her play to match theirs. I just love that about her.

Legos are a favorite toy. She is now old enough to sit down and follow the directions on her own. Occasionally she needs a bit of help, but generally she can do it herself. She will sit and play with Legos for an hour or two at a time. The play is ever changing, but the fun never ends.

Hailey is our little scientist. She is inquisitive, always wondering how things work. Her latest kick has been earthquakes and tornadoes. She loves learning as much as she can. Hopefully that sticks with her.

She is a fantastic reader. She reads everything, including my text messages. It has been so fun to see her reading blossom. Suddenly I feel like she can read just about anything and everything put in front of her.  

She's pretty fantastic. I think we'll keep her. :)

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