Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lucky In Love

My cousin April has yet another fun contest starting for her scrapbooking company. Back in August she did the Digi Olympics and had different scrapbooking challenges all pertaining to the Olympics. The challenge that starts this Saturday is called Lucky in Love. The challenges will revolve around Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day (at least that's my understanding). I was crazy busy at work in August and had no time to scrapbook, so I didn't participate in the Digi Olympics, but I think I am going to give Lucky in Love a shot. April has posted two challenges early to give you a headstart. I actually have one page done already, which is amazing considering that I haven't done any form of scrapbooking since at least October or November... I don't know. It's been a while. I'm hoping this challenge will get me thinking outside of the box, I really need that. I get stuck in a rut too quickly.

Visit April's website at for more information!

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