Thursday, April 30, 2009

I've been so bad recently...

I feel like I haven't blogged in so long. This post is mainly just a picture update of some of the things we've done in the past month or so.

BBQ on the panini grill:
We recently discovered that we could use our panini grill (which we have only used once to make a panini) to grill meats with. We (by we I mean Kyle) made an awesome dinner of chicken and pineapple shishkabobs with roasted red potato wedges. It was pretty much amazing.

No, we didn't go to Florida. I wish! My parents and sister, Corinne, went to Florida for Corinne's spring break. Corinne was born there, but we moved when she was a week old, so she had never had the chance to really see her native land. My parents took her back there to see Gainesville (the area that we lived in) and to play at DisneyWorld. They at least brought us all back Florida Gator t-shirts. Here's a picture of me, Corinne and my brother Curtis sporting our awesome Gator gear.

Sewing Machine:
My family came drove down from Washington before heading off to Florida. In that trip my parents surprised me with a sewing machine! My mom had given me her old one a few years ago and it recently stopped working. The machine was close to 30 years old, so it was bound to happen. She felt bad about it, so she wanted to get me a new one to make up for it. I'm definitely not complaining. Here I am hemming up the bottom of some "curtains". I say "curtains" because they really are just sheets that I put on a rod. It was cheaper than getting fancy real ones. They were a few inches too long, so I sewed them up so they wouldn't drag on the ground. I'm excited to tackle a real sewing project now.

I've ran out of pictures, but I just wanted to mention Kyle's new love. He's recently discovered Bocce. He had me run out and get a set last weekend. The weather hasn't been very good, so we finally got out to play it last night. It was really fun. It's a relaxing game that can still get a little competetive. Maybe I'll get some pictures of us playing bocce sometime and add those to the blog.


  1. Your hair is so pretty! I've never seen it so long! Hot stuff. Anyway, I'm going to be gone June 3-8 for my little bro's graduation. Please Please Please tell me you'll be here when I'm here.

  2. How cool! That is really neat about the sewing machine!

  3. Well that's craptapulous. Drew, Luke, and I may be going to Utah this summer...whatever you do, don't leave!

  4. Nice update and the food looks great! Funny thing we have a Gearge Forman Grill and we found out that we can do panini sandwhiches on it other than just meat.(the GF pretty much looks like your panini grill)haha it's like we are reversed of each other. My memories of Bocce include Mr. Wirtzberger. When the weather was nice, he took our science class outside to play bocce. I don't think we ever did real work in that class...



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