Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Birthday Cake and a Large Belly

My 25th birthday was on Oct. 3rd, General Conference Saturday. It was a pretty good day, we watched conference and went out to lunch at Red Robin between sessions. After the afternoon session we headed up to Sandy and spent the night with my Grandpa and cousins. I made my birthday cake, which I was fine with. The only problem was that I lost my cake pan, so I ended up using two round cake pans. I decided to attempt to make a double layer cake. I sprayed the cake pans, but apparently not well enough because the centers stuck to the bottom and both of the cakes fell apart. I then decided that I would try to reconstruct it using frosting. That kind of worked... until it all fell apart. I kept trying to make it come out decent, and well... this is the result:

I decided to throw on some Oreos, because what the heck, it's ugly already and Oreos taste good... After stepping back and looking at my finished product I laughed the hardest I have ever laughed. Literal tears were streaming down my face. Happy birthday to me. :)

In baby news, everything is still going well. Same as always. What boring doctor appointments I have. I shouldn't complain, it's a good thing. I'm officially 37 weeks and ready to have this baby. Unfortunately I have 3 weeks to wait until my due date. Hailey is busier than ever. She has absolutely no room to move and I'm feeling it. She loves to kick my ribs and cause my belly to do the wave. It can be painful and definitely uncomfortable, but also pretty entertaining. Kyle encourages her and cheers her on whenever she decides to attack me. She also gets the hiccups at least once a day, sometimes twice. We're pretty excited for baby Hailey to make her grand entrance into this world. Here are pictures of my ever growing ginormous belly. The first picture I posted in an earlier post. It's me at 29 weeks. Compare it with the pictures below of 36 and 37 weeks. I was shocked to see how much I've grown!

29 weeks

36 weeks

37 weeks


  1. You're gorgeous! I'm so happy for you guys. I can't believe you'll be parents so soon. We can't wait to meet her. You better let us all know when she comes. I want a play by play of the delivery.

  2. The birthday cake story is really funny! At first, I thought those were raisins on top, but I knew that didn't seem like something Renae would do to a cake - Oreos make much more sense. And your belly is SO cute! I love the red flower shirt in the second picture. Ah, you're so cute, I wish I could see you!

  3. Hahaha! That cake is AWESOME!!! I love it!!! Hahahahaha! If I didn't know better I would assume you had taken cake baking lessons from me. I'm sure you'll have this figured out by Hailey's first birthday.

    Happy (late) birthday!

    I'm so excited about your baby! I can't wait to hear news. How will I hear? Are you going to post it? Will your parents make calls? Could you e-mail me???

  4. Your birthday cake story reminds me of my birthday one year - I baked my cake and didn't know you were supposed to let the thing cool before you frost it, so I tried frosting it while it was too hot and the whole cake fell apart and stuck to my knife so I tried to fix it with the frosting and the whole thing turned out this chunky mess! But it tasted good! :-) And I wish I would have thought of oreos on top. . .

    You look about to pop girl! I'm so excited for you and Kyle! :-) ♥

  5. dude! you gotta send the cake to cakewrecks and get it posted!! You are a super cute prego mommy by the way! Can't wait to see the baby pics!

  6. I am excited for you guys! You look great by the way. Hicups are the best right? Jason used to get them like clock work every night around 2 am. It was fun. I love the name Hailey. I was going to name one of our girls that until I found out you were :-) I didn't want to steal your name. Good luck with everything. It is such an exciting time!

  7. That's hilarious about the cake. :)



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