Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Must... Get... Out...

Yesterday, around dinner time, Hailey was in a "don't you dare put me down or all I'm going to do is cry because I want you to stand and hold me" mood. She's been doing a lot of this lately, always wanting me to hold her and be with her. I like it, but sometimes I need to put her down so I can get something accomplished. Anyway, I put Hailey in her chair with a few toys to keep her occupied and quickly slipped into the kitchen to make dinner. From where her chair was positioned, I couldn't see what she was doing. Every so often I poked my head around the corner to be sure she wasn't doing anything crazy. As I went around the corner of the kitchen to check on Hailey, this is what I saw.

Hailey was trying desperately to get out of her chair, only to be stuck on the arm rest, not able to get back into the chair and not able to get onto the ground. I started laughing and grabbed my camera. What a goofball! I guess I need to start buckling up our escape artist.

1 comment:

  1. Is it mean that her poor, little "Mooommm! I'm stuck!" face made me laugh? Someday I'll have to meet that kid of yours, she's beyond adorable.



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