Sunday, September 26, 2010

Release the Kracken!

On Saturday we went to Pirate Island in Orem with Brad, Holly and Eva Dickman, and Kyle's brother Kris. Pirate Island has a pizza that is 24", called the Kracken. This one pizza costs $40 (because it's so ginormous!). We had a coupon for half off that expired on Sept. 30, so we decided to take advantage of it and try out this beast of a pizza. Turns out the pizza was HUGE and super good. We're fans. Look at the size of that pizza:

This one is taken from Kyle's phone. It illustrates the real size of this pizza better than my pictures (below).

Brad, Kris and Kyle excited to dig in!


  1. Dan wants to know if its good?! LOL

  2. that place finally opened? I want to go!! That pizza looks really good!

  3. It's the pregnancy thing, but I could eat pizza all day long. That looks fantastic!

  4. Don't worry, even though the pizza was huge, we still dominated!



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