Monday, March 7, 2011

Playing with Burnt Paper

Ummm… what? Playing with burnt paper? Why?

Here’s why.


Kyle made this stool out of paper. It’s made out of hundreds of small units that hook together. Depending on how they are hooked together, you can get different shapes.


Cool, eh?

This is Kyle’s senior project. Kyle is taking one class this semester (before he graduates!), and this is what he does. He laser cuts paper into the basic unit and then listens to TED talks, and makes things. The paper stinks after it’s been cut, and turns his hands black, but look at what it produces.


Kyle has been working on this project with his friend Ryan since last semester. They’ve made quite a few of these shapes and hung them from the ceiling in their studio on campus.


I think it’s fun to go in the studio and see everything they’ve made. They have used a few other materials, such as fabric backed with a heavy interfacing, and heavy matte board. To fasten the units together they have also used ear plugs, foam tubing, and buttons.

IMG_2572_touch up 

It’s pretty fun to have a designer as a husband. The stuff he does is interesting and makes people take a step back and say, what? (Me included.)  

This is what Kyle does for school. I’ll post another day about what he is currently doing for work.


  1. Ditto! So excited to see you guys!

  2. That is awesome! That has to be pretty time consuming as well, he certainly has patience.

  3. Wow - those are great!! What an interesting idea. . . and so much patience involved in the assembly! Plus your pictures capture the variety of the shapes really well, especially love that last one showing Kyle assembling and using the cups for support :-)



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