Thursday, June 2, 2011

18 Months

Welp, we’ve hit the magical age of 18 months. Hailey is changing and growing so fast, and surprising us all the time.

Hailey’s first few weeks in nursery went over so well! Not a problem. She loved it, we loved it, it was great. The past few weeks have been not as good. She’s been super clingy to me. I can’t take her to nursery, Kyle has to do it. If she needs a diaper change, she doesn’t want to go back in. She has suddenly broken into tears and become inconsolable, until I get her. Darn it, we thought we had it so easy!

It’s amazing to me how emotionally different she has become since hitting that 18 month mark. She has become very sensitive and emotional. She loves to play with kids, but any kid who is crying puts her right to tears, and any kid who slightly pushes her away or takes a toy also starts her crying. These things didn’t bother her before.

She also is starting to talk more and more. We’ve been working with her to say what she wants, instead of grunting for it. She’s doing better. Her vocabulary is slowly growing. I just know one of these days it’s going to take off and she’s going to surprise me with the things coming out of her mouth. One of my favorite things she says is “hi'” to my parents dog, Lucy. She says “hi lu”, over and over. I think it’s so cute.

Hailey loves Sesame Street and Blue’s Clues. Like other kids, she loves Elmo. What is it about Elmo that is so awesome? I don’t know, but I love Elmo if he’ll keep Hailey entertained while I take a shower.

Hailey loves to jump and jump and jump. She practices her jumping quite often. She’s getting pretty good. She gets one foot off the ground. Pretty soon she’s going to get them both off. She loves to jump on the trampoline. She often asks to go outside and jump.


She has always loved peek a boo, but now she likes to hide objects. She sits cross legged, and hides things between her legs. She puts her arms out to the side and asks where it is. Then gets the biggest smile on her face when she pulls the item out. It’s especially fun to do in the bathtub with the washcloth. This morning I heard her making noise in her crib when I went to get her out. I went in and she was playing this game by herself with her pacifiers. It was so funny to me.

Hailey doesn’t push things. She walks backwards and pulls them. It’s funny to watch her with her doll stroller, pulling it backwards waving and saying “bye-bye”. She does the same thing with the popcorn popper toy.

IMG_0191_touch up  waving and saying “bye-bye”

Hailey has figured out how to climb. She loves to climb up on the couch, or bench at the park. She always looks so proud of herself.


She’s starting to get the hang of feeding herself with a spoon. She actually does pretty well. Sometimes things fall off, sometimes she takes way too big of scoops and tries to stuff it all in her mouth, but quite often she does ok. She definitely prefers to feed herself. She doesn’t let me do it anymore.

What a big girl she’s becoming!


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  2. She is getting so big! She sounds like so much fun. I loved the part where she says hi to Lucy over and over. So cute!



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