Sunday, June 12, 2011


Hailey and I tagged along with my parents to Portland last weekend. My dad had a golf tournament to play in for work, which included a dinner the evening before, which my mom was invited to. So, Hailey and I had a girls night Friday night while they were away.

Complete with Ben and Jerry’s.

Portland Ice Cream

And swimming.

Portland Screen Door

On Saturday, while my dad was golfing, my mom and I took Hailey to the Oregon Zoo. As expected, she loved it.

Portland Zoo 1

Portland Zoo 2

I think Hailey’s favorite part was the goats. They had a petting area for the kids to get up close and personal with the goats. She was pretty entertaining to watch.

On our way back to Kennewick we stopped in Troutdale at the outlet mall. Hailey didn’t let us do a ton of shopping, but we did get a few things at good deals. As we were leaving Hailey spotted a Big Bird ride. You know, those ones that cost 50 cents and only move back and forth, but kids love them. She rode it once, promptly asked for more, so we put in another 50 cents and again asked for more when that ended. I thought twice was enough and told her it was time to go. She freaked out. Total complete meltdown, complete with crying, screaming, laying on the ground, refusing to get in the car, unconsolable toddler anguish. Really, this was her best tantrum yet. The poor girl I know was tired, so I’ll give her that. I feel bad, because she screaming with big tears streaming down her face, and I was laughing. But, what else was I supposed to do? Anyway, best tantrum ever.

It was a quick trip, but it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed my one-on-one time with Hailey in hotel, bending a few rules (like eating ice cream, licking the lid and staying up late). And of course we all enjoyed the zoo.


  1. Gosh she is turning into such a cutie!
    I still remember how much fun I had shopping with you and Julie at the Portland mall. It was my first mini-road trip with great friends and no parents. I felt so free and grown up!
    Not sure when Tyler and I will be able to make it down to TC. Hopefully soon because we would love to see you guys!

  2. I agree with Kathryn, she is getting more and more cute! I love the picture of her smashed face against the screen door at the pool. Aren't you look forward for more and more of those special toddler moments? Oh boy!



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