Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Visit from Cousins

Kyle’s aunt Jen and her daughters came for a week long visit in the middle of July. We had so much fun! So much fun in fact that I took WAY too many pictures. Yeah, over 400. The thought of going through all of those pictures to find the best ones was daunting. But, I finally did it.

We had a blast feeding the ducks,feeding the ducks with cousins

IMG_1877_touch-upHerding the ducks back to the pond.

swimming in the pool,swimming-with-cousins(I had a struggle keeping the exposure just right, so some of my pictures are over exposed. But, to be honest, I like them nice and bright, even if they are a little blown out.)

and tye-dyeing t-shirts.IMG_2226_touch-upIMG_2268_touch-upThe classic Renae-face with a really big toothy smile. And extra wide open eyes. I have to open my eyes really wide, otherwise I end up looking drugged with half open eyes.


Hailey had way too much fun with these girls. And I loved it too. Hailey had someone to play with her and chase her around the house! All. the. time. It was great. We’re so glad they came to visit and definitely miss them! Trip to Colorado anyone?


  1. I am in love with Hailey's goggles! Does she actually keep them on? They are so cute!

    I miss y'all! You don't happen to have plans to be in Utah or Texas anytime soon, do you? Or Illinois? :)

  2. Love your pictures Renae!! :-) I can feel summer even though the weather in Washington is lacking. . .



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