Monday, September 12, 2011

One Crazy Week, Plus Some

We moved. 3 weeks ago. Back to Utah.

Back in August Kyle was offered a job at a consultancy in North Salt Lake, Utah. We decided to take the job and move our family back to Utah. Our 4 month vacation is over. What a great summer it was! It was so wonderful to be able to spend so much time with family and even see some awesome friends who came into town to visit. But let’s be honest, we were ready to have our own space again.

Things happened pretty fast. Like they usually seem to happen for us. Kyle flew down to Utah and interviewed in the beginning of August. A week later he was offered a job, a week later than that we accepted it and four days later I found myself in Utah looking for a place to live.

My mom made the drive with Hailey and I. And what a blessing that was. I seriously don’t think I would have survived that first week without her. Hailey did totally great. She was a trooper. We didn’t have to pull out any videos until just outside of Boise (close to half-way). I was totally shocked by that. I thought we’d be listening to Elmo the whole 9 hours there.

So, Monday we drove to Utah and stayed the night with my uncle’s family in Mantua, UT (just up the canyon from Brigham City.)

Tuesday we drove all over Bountiful/Centerville looking at apartment after apartment. And poor Hailey had a fever. We found a Walgreen’s, ran inside and got some Tylenol and a thermometer. And we kept looking. Yep, my poor girl wasn’t feeling well, but I still drug her all over town looking for a place to live. Finally, it was dinnertime, and Hailey needed a break, so we headed over to my aunt’s house in Sandy for the night. Hailey was so tired that she went to bed at 6 pm.

Wednesday I started to notice that the cut on Hailey’s foot was starting to blister and bubble. I began to be concerned that it had gotten infected. Hailey also appeared to have a cold sore or heat rash on her lip. She also had an awesome diaper rash. But… we forged onward and looked at two more places. At the second place I said, good enough, filled out the application, and gave a deposit on the spot. Hooray!

Thursday we went over to my cousin Angie’s house to play for a little bit before getting keys to our new apartment. I felt so bad for dragging Hailey all over that I wanted to let her have some fun. At Angie’s I started to notice that Hailey had little bumps on the backs of her legs. I had noticed some on her back too, so I thought it was all heat rash due to spending so much time in the car. I thought the fever from two days before was due to driving all day, moving, changes, stress, whatever. You know how it seems like anything can cause a fever or rash in a child? Seriously, I had no idea. So, after Angie’s we went to our apartment and got the keys. While I was being oriented on the house rules and the rental agreement Hailey ran around the apartment and played with our manager’s daughters. After they left my mom told me she thought we should take Hailey in to the urgent care. I checked her out and realized that her rash had gotten way worse. It was now all over her legs, on the bottoms of her feet and her palms. We found an urgent care just down the street spent an hour or so there. We found out that Hailey was actually sick. Apparently not only did she had rash and blisters on her torso, hands, legs and feet, but also in her mouth. (That explains why she all the sudden turned into the pickiest eater!) She had hand, foot and mouth disease. Awesome. I totally let her play with other people’s children and she was sick and contagious. After the doctor visit we went to Rite Aid, my mom got her prescription filled while I sat in the car and made phone calls to set up our utilities and call to inform those children’s mothers that I may have possibly infected their children with hand, foot and mouth disease. My bad. But at least we had an apartment!

That same day Kyle drove the U-Haul to Utah. On Friday his brother Kris came up from Provo to help him unload the truck. My mom was awesome and got to work immediately helping me unpack. We had the kitchen totally unpacked that same day.

Saturday my mom left and we were alone, in our new apartment, back in Utah, only this time in Bountiful.

Whew! What a week that was! And I’m so glad it’s over.

Kyle is enjoying his work. They are mostly a prototyping company, but are looking to expand and do more design work. Kyle is currently the only full-time designer there. He works with an intern designer who is just starting the Industrial Design program at BYU. It’s not an environment that he was expecting to work in, but he seems to be happy there.

We only have one car, so Hailey and I are left to walk everywhere we want to go. There is a park close by that we have gone to a few times, and the library is reasonably close. It takes us about 15-20 minutes to walk to the library.

We like our new ward so far. Hailey is loving nursery. We were having some problems getting Hailey to go to nursery this summer, so we were surprised when she walked right in the first Sunday here. (We of course skipped the immediate first Sunday here, due to Hailey’s rash)

If you put the majority of your belongs into storage, for even just 4 months, be prepared for everything to stink like storage. All of our sheets, towels, blankets, clothing, etc… stunk. Holy laundry. Our apartment has washer and dryer hook ups, but we didn’t have a washer and dryer. Kyle’s parents kindly helped us get a set (as a graduation gift.) After ordering them we waited a week for them to arrive. After they came I did laundry for 3 days straight. Seriously.

Just today we finally got our internet set up. After being here for a little over a week we tried to set up our internet. We were told they couldn’t get a technician out to us until Sept. 25! This was due to the hurricane back East, they were sending their techs out there to help get service back. We were working with a friend of Kyle’s family’s and he was able to get our date moved up to Sept. 7. Happy day! Sept. 7 we got our modem, but were told we couldn’t hook it up until Sept. 8. Bummer. Sept. 8 we tried to set it up, but the modem wasn’t receiving a signal. The next day (Friday) I called and troubleshooted with a technician, and they scheduled to have someone else come out to our apartment on Monday (today). Finally today we have internet and are, I’d say, completely moved in.


  1. Congrats! We're both so excited for you. Moving is always such an adventure, isn't it?!? Can't wait to see some pictures to the new play...wink,wink!

  2. Yea! So glad Kyle likes his job and that y'all are settled. Sounds like a crazy week!

  3. woohoo! Take pictures of your new place!

  4. I want to see pics of the new place, too! I'm glad you are feeling more settled in now. And I am very glad Hailey is feeling better!

  5. WOW!! That's a crazy, CRAZY week!!! But at least you're in a good place now. . .and congrats on the new job for Kyle! :-) I keep joking that Utah is the black hole, that everyone who tries to leave just gets eventually sucked back in. . .hehe ;-)

  6. You're right. You're not completely moved in until you have internet. :) What a week! I totally felt the same way about an apartment... good enough! Sign the papers. There is so much I can relate to in this post. I'm there with ya--new family in a new spot and a brand new job, except I'm glad my baby wasn't so sick! Best wishes for the futre!



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