Sunday, January 1, 2012


I’ve decided to take the plunge. Or in Hailey’s words, “I too!” I’m going to attempt to document 2012 in a picture a day. I’ve wanted to do this for a little while now, but there’s a totally irrational part of me that couldn’t start it mid year. So, here it is, the first day of a new year, and a great time to start Project: A Picture A Day.
01.01.12_2 touch upWatching football with Dad 


  1. Love this idea! Can I copy this? And start a day late? I want to try... probably something I'll start and never finish..

  2. Of course you can copy it. I'm copying it from other people I've seen do it. And let's be honest, at some point I'll probably fall behind and may never catch up. I actually almost didn't even do it yesterday, but I thought, what the heck is a goal for if I don't even try.



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