Friday, January 20, 2012


01.20.12_touch upLittle Miss locked me out of the house today.

For reals. We had come back from a walk to the grocery store. I put her inside the house, unloaded my two bags of groceries and my keys onto the kitchen table. I then went back outside to collect the rest of our belongings that were stowed under the stroller and to fold up the stroller and bring it inside. While I was outside, Hailey closed the door and locked the deadbolt enough that I couldn’t open the door. My keys and baby were inside and I was outside. Stuck. I immediately texted Kyle and tried to walk Hailey through how to unlock the door. Hailey was no help. I called our apartment manager, only to get a voicemail. After 15-20 minutes Hailey started to whine and cry. Kyle soon called, and I could tell in his voice he thought it was funny. And of course it was, I thought so too. Because Hailey can only barely turn the deadbolt, Kyle suggested I shake the door and it might knock the deadbolt loose. Sure enough it worked. What would I do without him? He’s saved me too many times to count.


  1. Oh man, I'm so glad you were able to get inside. That is one of my worst fears - my baby being locked somewhere (car or house) and me not being able to rescue her. I have to be really careful because she likes to play with the keys while I'm buckling her into her carseat and I have to remember to grab them from her before I shut the door because she's pressed the lock button several times.

  2. Oh my goodness, that would be a funny/scary situation! Glad it didn't last longer than it did. I guess those keys will have to stay in your pocket from now on!

  3. I would have freaked out... I'm so glad you were able to keep your calm and it resolved itself easily! That little stinker. Good thing she's cute.



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