Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Yeah, yeah… I missed a couple of days. It’s hard to take a picture everyday. Actually, it’s hard to want to take a picture everyday.

03.07.12_touch up“This way peacock”- Hailey trying to coax the peacock to follow her.

My mom is visiting this week! And I’m so glad! I had a rough week in January and suggested that she come visit. Most of the time I’m ok with living away from family. But there are definitely times when I wish I was close enough to stop by and unload Hailey while I take a breather.

Today we spent our day in Salt Lake County. We started out in Liberty Park at the Tracy Aviary. It was so fun! On Wednesdays they have storytime for the kids where they read a book about a bird and then bring out that bird for the kids to meet. They also have a bird encounter where they bring out three different birds and talk about the birds. Hailey loved it. Storytime was about the Red-tailed Hawk. Afterwards Hailey told us all on her own about how she learned that the hawk likes to eat mice, rats and chicken. We were impressed that she caught onto that!

We were also able to walk around and see what birds were out. A lot of birds were indoors due to the cold weather, but we still saw enough to satisfy ourselves. I think the aviary would be a fun place to go in the summer when more birds are out. We’ll definitely have to go again!

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