Saturday, March 10, 2012


03.10.12_1_touch upAt the Hill Aerospace Museum

My uncle (Mom’s brother) and his family live North of us near Brigham City. We met up with them near Ogden at the Hill Aerospace Museum (just off of the Hill Air Force Base). Hailey loved it. She went crazy running from airplane to airplane. She was so excited. Look Mom, another airplane!

03.10.12_2_touch upHailey with my cousins.

My cousins latched onto Hailey. Which was great. She had so much fun playing with them! After the Museum we spent a lot of time at a park and let the kids be kids and run around a play. There was a sand volleyball court, Hailey had a great time digging in the sand.

And then we went to Artic Circle for lunch, and the kids played some more in the play place. Hailey was in heaven. When we left, her cheeks were rosy red and she was a sweaty mess. She got in some much needed play time. I got to relax and enjoy the company of my mom, uncle and aunt. 

It was a super fun day!

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