Wednesday, March 21, 2012


03.21.12_touch up“I hide Mom!”

Hailey cried for most of her naptime today. She refused to take a nap. Which is fine. But that means she needs to have quiet time in her room. She was not happy about that either and cried and cried. And then cried some more. I left her in her crib to cry by herself. I was not going to give in. What would that teach her? It’s ok to cry because then I don’t have to take a nap and Mom will come in and rescue me and I can play all I want. Anyway, she cried for a good hour. I was plenty ready to come in and let her out once she calmed down. But she just wouldn’t stop.

Eventually the weeping and wailing came to an end. I opened the door and saw Hailey on her knees with her head on her hands leaning up against her crib. I quickly grabbed the camera and she held still long enough for me to take a few pictures. Then she popped her head up, smiled and said “I hide Mom!” And then she was all smiles. Kids are funny.

P.S. Hailey just came up to me saying “Yucky. I take out garbage. Bye Mom!” Then she leaned in near me, gave me a pretend kiss, and said “I love you. See you later.” And proceded to tell me as she was walking out of the room about how she was going to the store to get a movie (Redbox). I really love the pretend play she is getting into. It’s so fun! 


  1. Well it's no wonder, she was upset. You put her in jail!! Haha. She is adorable!!

  2. She is so cute! She is getting so big! I love your blog.



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