Wednesday, April 11, 2012


04.11.12_touch upHailey with her two Papa Parks

My dad was in Salt Lake City for a couple of days on business. He chose to stay with and spend time with my grandpa (his dad) while he was here. He went back home to Washington today, but before leaving he and my grandpa drove up to Bountiful (from Sandy) and treated Hailey and I to lunch. I’m so glad they did! It was so fun to see both of them! Hailey was bouncing off the walls excited. My grandpa commented that Hailey doesn’t ever walk, she runs everywhere she goes! It’s true, she is a constant ball of movement- unless she has an iphone or ipad in front of her. Then she will sit perfectly still for minutes on end… possibly even hours. I don’t blame her, those are fun toys.

Thanks for visiting Dad and Grandpa! We love you both!

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  1. Grandpa told me all about this. He had a lot of fun and went on and on about how cute Hailey is. He loved seeing Hailey play on his phone :)



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