Thursday, May 10, 2012

Haileyisms- From 2 - 2 1/2 years

One day Hailey was not listening to me (what’s new) so to demand her attention I used her middle name. “Hailey Joye!” She looked at me and responded with “Mom Joye!”

Kyle pretended to eat Hailey’s arm. She said, “Hey! Don’t eat my arm. That’s yucky!”

While in the bathtub Hailey mentioned her tummy. I said, “Do you have a tummy?” She responded with, “Yep. It’s right here, by my belly!” (Her tummy is slightly higher than her belly)

Everything is Hailey’s. Or at least she thinks so. We disagree.

While driving in the car, we reached a stoplight and began to slow. From back seat Hailey yelled out “Come on!” She has also yelled out “Come on cars! Go!”

She put me in time out. And she got upset with Kyle for touching her stuff (which I’m not totally sure that he was). She was getting after him, and said, “Look at me! Look at me! Don’t touch my stuff!”

Hailey has really gotten into pretend play. We go to storytime at the library every week, and she often does her own version of storytime at home. She brings one of the chairs from her room and sets it up in the living room. She walks into the room with a book and says, “Good morning! Welcome to storytime” and sits down. She then proceeds to read different books to us. At the library they have a little diddy they say before starting. She’s also begun with that before.

At some of the stores we shop at, the cashiers will occasionally give Hailey a sticker. Hailey loves to pretend and give us stickers. She will use one of her chairs as a register. She pokes the seat of the chair like she’s typing and usually says “9 5 10”. Then she takes a pretend sticker from the bottom of the chair and gives it to us.

I love listening to Hailey casually hum and sing “doo doo doo” as she goes around the house doing whatever it is she’s doing.

It’s so fun listening to Hailey’s language skills develop. I love hearing her say, “I’m stand uping!” or “I’m clean uping”.

Hailey was given a Cosmo Cougar (BYU’s mascot) Pillow Pet for her birthday from her uncle Kris. While playing by herself, I heard her put Cosmo to bed, close her bedroom door, crack open the door, say “Cosmo, be quiet!” and close the door again.

On occasion, Hailey has a baby owl, and sometimes it’s parents, that follows us around the house. Baby Owl is usually right by the light in the ceiling. Hailey asks me to turn off the light so she can see Baby Owl. She talks to it and says hi to it after her naps. She reaches up and jumps to catch Baby Owl, and holds him gently in her hand. One day Baby Owl joined her in the bathroom while she sat on the potty. Baby Owl sat on the big potty to watch and see how Hailey goes pee in the potty. The first time Hailey introduced me to Baby Owl, she said, “Hear it, Mom? Hear Baby Owl? Hoo… Hoo…” I loved that she made sound effects.

IMG_4747_touch up

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  1. Cosmo Cougar Pillow Pet! No way! That's cool. We definitely want to indoctrinate Libby with some BYU spirit...I'll have to look for one of those.



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