Tuesday, October 30, 2012

First Snow of the Season

Seriously, can you believe it? It snowed last week! When I saw the snow falling I thought for sure it wouldn’t stick. I was wrong. It stuck. It was only about 1 1/2 - 2 inches, but that’s still plenty to play in!


When Hailey saw the snow she immediately asked to go outside and play in it. Half an hour (or more) later- after I hunted throughout the house for our snow gear- we headed outside.

snow baby

We brought out a bucket and some scoops for fun snowy day play. I sat on the ground next to Hailey and made a snowman. Being pregnant, and a tad lazy, I sat in one spot and packed and rolled the snow that was in front of me. I made a very, very small snowman. Hailey was so excited and kept saying it was big- which made me laugh. She has no idea what a big snowman looks like.

snow baby2

It’s a cute little snowman…

After snowman making Hailey attempted a snow angel.

snow angel

When she decided her hands were too cold, we went inside and enjoyed hot chocolate and marshmallows.

hot chocolate

Part of me is hoping for a snowy winter with big piles of white fluffiness, but another part of me screams NO! Let’s have an extra long fall and skip winter all together!

Either way, I need one big snow so we can take this girl sledding. We never got the chance last year, and I know she would love it!

first snow

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