Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Kyle!

Today is Kyle’s birthday! He caught up to me in age, and now the rest of our year can continue in peace with minimal teasing (or at least it can once this baby comes and my belly size is dramatically reduced.)

IMG_3698_touch up

Let me tell you what… Kyle is great to me. I often feel like I fail in treating him the same way. I know how much he loves and cares about me. He has been pretty patient with me while I’ve been pregnant. I feel bad, because I’m just not quite the same while I’m pregnant and for months (or years…) afterwards.

He certainly treats me with respect, and loves to laugh at my quirks. Most currently he’s been counting the number of sighs I omit each day. And while I was sewing the other night he said he wished he had a video camera set up to record all of the complaining and noises I was making to myself.

Speaking of which, Kyle is wonderful and made me the best birthday present ever- a sewing/cutting desk (which I have yet to blog about). I am so lame that I am still working on the church pants I told him I would sew for him, over a year ago. And I’m still only working on the test pants, not even using the fabric he really wants me to use.  He hasn’t complained, just teased me about it.

Kyle is so mild mannered, and really genuinely cares about everyone. These are things that definitely first attracted me to him. He also works hard to provide for our family, so Hailey and I can enjoy living in a comfortable home, with all of our basic needs met, and then some.

IMG_6775_touch up

Kyle is a great father. Hailey loves him. She really does. I know he doesn’t always feel it, because she is often suctioned to me (which I wish she wouldn’t do), but she does love him. Hailey gets so excited for him to come home from work. Kyle comes home and teases and plays with her like I can’t do. He rolls around with her and throws her in the air, and she loves it. He is also much better at discipline and teaching Hailey. Without Kyle, I think Hailey would be a different person than she is now. There is definitely a reason why families were designed to be a partnership between mother and father. I’m so grateful I get to work with him to raise our family.

What a spectacular blessing Kyle has been in my life. Constantly supporting and lifting me up.

I love you Kyle Hill!


Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday Kyle!

    I love your post Renae! Way to be!

  2. Happy Birthday to Kyle! You make him sound amazing. :)

    And I can totally relate to that line about not being yourself while pregnant. Poor husbands.

  3. Happy happy birthday Kyle!! That was such a sweet post Renae. Kyle is the bomb!

  4. I'm so excited for you to have your baby! I can't believe that the day is almost here! I hope that you are feeling great. :) You are awesome.



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