Friday, January 24, 2014

Keira Walks!

Yes, it's true! Keira is now a walking machine. I think she's been ready for a month or two, but didn't have the confidence to try it. Kyle and I tried coaxing her so many ways. I even offered her an entire bag of marshmallows! Nothing. :) Until last Saturday.

Kyle had a stroke of genius. He stood her up and gently held onto the back of her shirt. It gave her just enough stability that she wasn't afraid of falling, but it also gave her enough leeway to balance and walk on her own. After she took a couple of steps Kyle let go and away she went! It just took that one time. She was quickly walking clear across the room all on her own. There wasn't any of that two or three steps and fall. Keira was go big or go home. Now she wanders all over the house on her two feet. I took her to the library for storytime and she was everywhere. And loving it.

I love the smile that permeates Keira's face when she knows she has done something exciting. She gets so excited every time she walks from one point to another. And of course her laughing and smiles are completely infectious. Love her!

Tickles from Dad.
Have I ever mentioned how much this little girl loves her daddy? Her face lights up and she squeals, "Da!" everyday as he walks in the door after work. She moves her little body to him as quick as she can and giggles as he digs his face into her neck or throws her up in the air. They are buddies, these two.

And now a couple of videos of Keira walking.

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