Monday, January 20, 2014

Keira is #1

I think first birthdays are so special. It really marks the end of babyhood. I feel like that 1 year birthday marks and seals away babyness and opens up the door into toddlerhood. Keira is totally a toddler now, through and through.

Keira's birthday was pretty simple. We started the morning by attempting to surprise her with balloons in her bed when she woke up, but she was already awake when Kyle and I snuck into the room. So we just dumped them all on top of her instead. She still loved it.

We didn't do much partying on her birthday. We kept it pretty simple. I did make her a special birthday shirt. I had come up with the idea months in advance and was excited about it. Even though we didn't party hard, I still wanted to make the shirt. It was too cute to pass up. If you click over to my creative blog I have a tutorial up showing how I made the shirt.

For Hailey's birthday I had the opportunity to go into her preschool class and talk to her class a little bit about who Hailey is. We made a small poster with pictures to take into the class. It is hanging above her bed in her room. I thought it'd be fun to do the same thing for Keira, so she could have pictures up of herself above her bed too.

For dinner, we chose to stay home and order some Papa John's pizza. Keep it simple. Plus, it's always so much easier to dine at home with little kids. We love to eat out, but sometimes it's more stressful than relaxing. And, since Keira really didn't have any preference on the matter and she loves pizza, it seemed like a good fit for the evening.

After pizza was present time. I love technology. We were able to call up Papa and Rara Hill over video chat so they could be there while Keira opened presents and ate her cupcake.

After presents it was cupcake time. Even though it was just our little family, my parents, and my sister eating cupcakes I still wanted to decorate them. The #1 finger was just too fun! So, I made little cupcake toppers to match Keira's shirt. Oh they just make me smile. :) Click here to get your own set of toppers!

Keira wasn't super into the cupcake. I don't know if it's because she went into it frosting first, or what. Really, it's fine with me if she doesn't want to eat the cupcake. But it was a little anti-climatic. I was hoping she'd make a ginormous mess. Instead she played with the frosting and put the cake in her mouth and then took it out.

She was nice enough to share a little bit of cake with Kyle though.

Happy 1st Birthday Keira! We love you!

P.S. That adorable skirt she is wearing is one I attempted to make for Hailey's first birthday. It was when I just started sewing and I got so frustrated with it Kyle had to finish it for me. :)

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  1. Her outfit! I DIE. Great job. And happy birthday to Keira. One really does start the toddler years.



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