Friday, January 17, 2014

2013 Recap: The Posts that Never Were

I don't really know what happened to 2013. I know it became pretty busy. Once summer hit it seemed like there was always something going on. Maybe that's my excuse for my lack of documenting the year. Things were busy. Busy is good. Busy also means there is a lot to talk about. 

I finally went through all of our pictures from last year. I like to shoot in RAW on my camera. I resisted for a while but finally gave in. The downside to RAW is the large file size and the fact that it has to be converted to JPEG. It takes some time to edit and save all of the pictures. On Sunday I finally finished playing catch up with 2013. And I found some gems that didn't make it onto the blog.

Without further adieu, here is an unseen peek into our 2013:

Kyle painted the tree on canvas and made the frame. 
The wood for the frame came from our deck he tore down that we have yet to replace.

Kyle assembled and painted the flag. The wood is also from our deck. The flag is approx. 6.5 feet wide.

We bought an old couch on KSL for $20. 

We reupholstered it. Now it sits in our living room.

Our garden was quite productive. Or at least the plants that actually sprouted and grew, and didn't get eaten by slugs, were productive. We had peas galore, until a windstorm knocked them over, some green beans that survived the slugs, a few cute little onions, and tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes! At the end of the season I was so tired of constantly picking tomatoes that I just quit. 11 tomato plants (which were planted from seed!) was way too many! We also had a large harvest of grapes and peaches. From our bounty we made spaghetti sauce, juice, and jam
We painted our very sad beat up front door. 

Now it is a bright, happy and welcoming door!

We had a rabbit. He was so cute. Kyle built a big super bunny condo hutch for him. It was two stories high. But the cute little bunny pooped everywhere and chewed on our power cords. And we were afraid he wouldn't survive Hailey. We sold our cute little bunny to a breeder who was so excited to have him. Kyle cut off the top of the rabbit hutch, added a little support, a change of paint color, and voila! A new coffee table for us. 

Hailey took her first session of swim lessons. She did awesome and loved it! 

We went took our first ever trip to the pumpkin patch. 

We took another first ever trip to the Utah State Fair. Keira learned to moo like a cow. "Mmmmm" (Yes, I realize that is not a cow in the picture. But there were cows there! I just didn't take any pictures of them.)

We took a trip to the Hogle Zoo. Hailey loved it. Keira was indifferent.

And that is the super ultra deluxe condensed version of our 2013 that I never blogged about.


  1. You guys are awesome. I SO wish we lived closer to you!

  2. Fun year! Lots of activities and lots of creative colors and projects for your house. That tree painting looks pro. Seriously.

    Also, your pictures look great. Just curious, what program are you using to edit your RAW files?

  3. Wow I love your craftiness! The tree picture is just plain awesome :) Hailee is so cute and way grown up from the last time we saw her!



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