Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Corinne's Wedding

It is still hard for me to grasp that my little sister is married. In fact all 3 of us kids in my family are now married. We're so old! :)

Corinne's wedding went over great. No major hiccups, no cold feet, and two very happy people.

I spent a lot of time helping my mom and sister prepare for the wedding. It was nice to have a real motivator to get creative. (Click over to my other blog to see the details I helped create.) Sometimes I need that extra push to get going.

Corinne and Taylor chose to have an open house in Washington the weekend before the actual wedding. The timing of that worked out well- Kyle's parents were going to be in Utah that weekend. They were able to watch the girls for me so I could go to Washington with my parents and help with the open house. We swapped houses for the weekend. They stayed at our house in Utah and we stayed at their house in Washington. 

Not only was the open house that weekend, but Corinne also went through the temple for the first time there and was given a bridal shower for friends in Washington as well. We were there just for the weekend, so it was super busy. Busy, but really not stressful, which was nice.


The wedding day was your typical wedding day: long and exhausting. 

I think this picture says it all. Wedding day is looong for little (and big) kids.
 No really, it was good. We sweated. We were tired. But it was all worth it to support and celebrate with Corinne and Taylor. Plus, at the end of the day we were rewarded with Cold Stone ice cream and Italian sodas. (And now we get to reap the benefits of left overs at Papa and Rara's house. :) 

Curtis and Chelsea made the trek from North Carolina. SO good to see them!
Proof I was there, thanks to Curtis. I guess that is my payment for taking a picture of him, he gets one of me.

Who needs a guest book when you can have a quilt?
Cold Stone ice cream! This was definitely a hit.
Italian Sodas- there is still so much left over. Slushie anyone?

A BIG congratulations to Corinne. Welcome to the family Taylor! We're glad you're here to stay. :)


  1. Oh how fun! Those desserts look amazing for a reception. And you look great.too. :)

  2. I feel like it is hard for ME to realize that your little sister is married. haha. Jenn just would mention her and I being the same age, so that feels weird! Congrats though! The wedding pictures look awesome. The cold stone ice cream bar looks amazing.



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