Monday, August 11, 2014

An Evening at Lagoon

After spending a straight week+ of evenings working on the new deck we decided it was deserving celebration of it's completion. Off to Lagoon we went! I have taken the girls there at least once a week all summer long. It's a blast. Sometimes we meet up with friends, sometimes we hang at the water park, and most of the time we raise our hands in the air and ride the rides. Kyle has been a handful of times with us (and once on a man-date with Chad), but not enough! Once we got a free night, Lagoon was definitely calling our name.

We hung out in kiddie-land. Though Hailey was most excited to have Kyle with her so she could ride Bombora, a REAL rollercoaster, not the little dragon one. Hailey is big enough to ride it accompanied, Keira is not. So when we go poor Hailey looks fondly at Bombora and always comments that she'll get to ride it next time Dad comes with us.

Keira loves the whales, and raises her hands way up in the air and she goes up and down and all around.

I do think Keira's overall favorite ride is the cars. She is always super anxious to get in- she's even shed a few tears over having to wait her turn. Once it's her turn her face immediately lights up and you can't get her in that car fast enough. I'm glad she isn't 16 yet, we have some work to do on driving, she yanks that wheel back and forth as fast as she can- it would make anyone sick to ride with her driving!

I am NOT a roller coaster rider. I get car sick pretty easily. And I really don't like that stomach drop feeling (which Kyle says is a tickle). Hailey has been able to talk me into a couple of bigger rides, like Bombora. How do I say no to her? What am I going to do when she's big enough to ride the really big roller coasters!? Anyway... Hailey asked, so I rode on the pirate ship with her. Luckily for me there were restrictions on where Hailey could sit, so we were in the middle, the more calm area of the ride. That was a good spot for me. I don't know if I could handle the very back. It doesn't look that bad watching it, but something changed once we were on and suddenly it was a lot bigger of a ride than I had thought! Yes, I am a total whimp. 

Though I'm not big on riding the rides, I still love trips to Lagoon because I enjoy watching my girls have fun. I'm sad summer is almost over, what are we going to do without Lagoon!?

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  1. I'm a little jealous you have lagoon right next door. How fun! There's something extra special about seeing your kids faces light up.



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