Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Adventures in Bowfishing

Our Saturday this past week was super fun. Way more fun than I had originally thought it would be. Kyle and I met up with Corinne & Taylor and Chelsie & Cody and ventured out into Utah Lake for some bow fishing. Yes, fishing with a bow and arrow. 

I really had no idea anyone did such a thing until we welcomed Cody into the family. Now look at us, out treading the murky lake waters in search of nasty carp. I really am no fan of fish. I don't eat it, I don't touch it. But yet... I had a blast trying to propel an arrow through it.

Kyle had been one other time a few weeks before. This was my first. Kyle amazed me. As we first made our way to the lake immediately he spotted a carp swimming at the water's edge. He walked right up (didn't even get into the water), took aim and hit the fish. I didn't even have the camera out and ready to go. One shot, one fish. And then the rest of us struggled to catch anything, or even find anything to shoot at. At the end of the day Kyle came away with 6 hits, and the rest of us a big pile of misses. That's ok, I didn't want to come up close and personal with the fish anyway. 

Chelsie, ready to for action.
Look at that not-so-beautiful water.
Corinne up to her knees in lake water.
 When Kyle came with Chelsie and Cody a few weeks ago the fish were hanging out near the shore. This time they were in a bit deeper water. That meant wading into waist deep (sometimes deeper) water. The boys were pretty advantageous and got down to business submersing themselves. Us girls hung back by the shore, keeping the water to the knees and below. Eventually I built up some courage and headed out to fish with the boys. I figured if I'm going to come out here to shoot a bow and arrow I had better go find myself a target. I didn't want to leave without taking a shot. So off I went.

 I was kind of nervous at first to shoot the fish. But once I got going, it was fun! I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Hopefully we'll get back out there again sometime.


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    1. Way to go ladies!!! I guess Hailey needs to get out their with her bow now!!! :)

    2. it's late... I meant get out THERE !

  2. What a totally random but super fun thing to do! I liked your comment about not eating or touching fish, but you like shooting them! Haha. Kyle seems to be a natural at everything, or at least that's how you portray him here on the blog. Be sure to post a picture of you with your first speared fish someday!



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