Sunday, April 18, 2010


Welcome or not they have arrived, rolling, back arching, laughing. We got lucky and caught them all in one take. The rolling and laughing are fun but this new back arching thing is annoying! It doesn't matter where we put her she just immediately starts arching. She especially loves to do it in her little chair and the bumbo seat along with he-man grunts. What her objective is once she escapes, we do not know.


  1. I love her lil' baby laugh! So cute! And it made me laugh when she was "enticed" to roll over; it's like she was suddenly on her stomach and in total shock about it, like, "What the heck just happened!" Adorable.

  2. I love the mommy/daddy comments on the video. It is so frustrating when they won't do stuff for the camera, but as soon as you put it away, they do it. I think I have 15 minutes of waiting for Emma to roll over w/o any luck. Hailey's laugh really is precious too.



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