Friday, March 13, 2015

Baby Girl #3

Yes! It's true. We're expecting a third little girl to join our clan this summer. Most days Kyle and I are still finding it difficult to believe there will be a third girl added to our family. I'm the one pregnant, with the ever expanding belly, feeling jabs and movement a few times each day, and I still can't wrap my head around it!

But the proof is there. It's really happening. 

We made the "facebook official" announcement while we were in Hawaii. Kyle had the funny idea to bury me in the sand and give me a bulging belly.

Both girls are excited. Hailey understands what is going on and can't wait for Baby Sister to come. She constantly asks me when it will be summer and when it will be June. One evening Hailey said the prayer at dinner and prayed that Baby Sister would grow and be healthy and also that she would come out soon. Kyle and I had to giggle at that one and then explain to her that we don't want Baby Sister to come so soon. 

Keira really has no idea what is coming her way. Poor girl is going to get her life flipped upside down. I worried a bit about Hailey when Keira was born, but I worry more about Keira with this baby. Keira is more attached to me and I'm afraid she'll struggle with sharing. But... who knows, it may be better than I expect. And at least she has Hailey to play with and to help her with things. Keira knows there's a baby in my tummy, or at least will point her out. One evening I tried explaining this difficult concept to her and she ran upstairs and brought down her own baby doll, lifted up my shirt and put the baby there. 2 year old logic, gotta love it! Keira has recently started to rub my belly and pet the baby. "I pet baby sister!" At least she's trying to be nice. :)

I'm currently at 24 weeks and feeling pretty good. The second trimester sure is a nice break from the blahs that come with early pregnancy and a calm before the real uncomfortable third trimester rolls in. My first trimester wasn't too bad. I was tired, but not as tired as I remember feeling with Keira. I did take plenty of naps, and the girls watched their share of movies. I felt nauseous, but was able to eat my way through it. Overall we're doing pretty good.

I do admit that my first thoughts about having another baby went straight to late night feedings, feeling trapped at home from nursing every 2 hours, body fluids everywhere- on me, on baby, on the floor, on the wall...., and diapers galore. But, a day or two ago I sat with Hailey and watched videos with her from when she was a baby. Oh... they are so cute, and cuddly. And it's fun to watch them grow and develop. It will be good to add a third girl to our family. I watch Hailey and Keira play, they have so much fun together. I try to picture a third little girl in the mix and sometimes it seems CRAZY and other times it seems like another dose of happiness. Either way, it's happening. In June (or July).

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  1. So thrilled for you guys! Three sisters will be crazy but so tight. And you're looking round and happy and fabulous. Glad pregnancy is treating you fairly well.



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