Thursday, August 9, 2012

Guess Who

Someone is pregnant.

Answer: Renae

Did you get it right!? :)

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby girl #2 in December! We are thrilled to be having another girl. I had no idea what I would do with a boy (but I’m sure I would have figured it out), Kyle was really hoping for another girl, and Hailey was confident she was getting a baby sister. Hailey even prayed, all on her own, that the baby would “be a girl, and not a boy.” If I tried to tell her otherwise she got very defensive and insisted that baby is a girl. Good thing she was right! 

Some pictures, mainly for my enjoyment:




I just loved seeing her arm and leg so clearly! Really makes her look baby-like, and reassures me there is another human life inside me. You know what I mean- ultrasounds are sometimes so difficult to distinguish anything that often the picture doesn’t leave you feeling like it’s a picture of a baby.

I am currently at 21 weeks- just over halfway! I feel great. The first few months were not so great, but now I’m doing good. This time around I felt nauseous quite a bit of the day and extremely exhausted and unmotivated. I remember feeling that way with Hailey, but not to the same degree. I don’t know if it’s because with Hailey I was working full-time, so I had to keep busy and didn’t have time to feel sick, or if I really did feel a little worse this time around. I’m just glad that part is over! The second trimester has been good to me so far.

In our ultrasound, baby girl measured right on for her due date of December 15th. She looks healthy and is growing well. She is currently about 1 pound- so little! But we have another 4 months of growing- me and her both. I’m just starting to obviously show. I’m sure that will change quickly enough. (I love how in our picture both Kyle and Hailey look WAY more pregnant than me- thanks to pillows. Makes me look like I’m just trying to poke my belly out. There really is a round belly there- promise!)

We’re all very excited to have another baby join our family. Hailey loves to give her sister tickles and occasionally talks to her. I love feeling baby move and wiggle. She is starting to pack a little power with her kicks and punches- enough so that Kyle has felt her.

I’m a little unsure of how I will handle two children. I just try to remind myself that they won’t be the same age. I won’t have two toddlers at the same time- thank goodness! I’ll survive- plenty of people do it, so I can too, right?

We love you already baby girl!


  1. Congratulations!!! That will be so fun for her to have a little sister!

  2. LOL i love this picture of you guys! So funny. I'm glad you are feeling better!

  3. I totally guessed Kyle. Dang.

    Congrats!! So so fun!!! And two kids really isn't as bad as you think it'll be. You'll do great.

  4. Congrats guys!!! This makes me so happy! By the way, I loved the picture, very original and cute!

  5. Congratulations!!! Having two girls is super fun and you are right you can totally do it. She wont be mobile for months :) That is cute Hailey prayed for a girl. I remember Brooklyn being like that and she really loves having a baby sister.

  6. Hailey is so cute with her hands on her hips. Adorable! She'll be a busy, but great big sister!

  7. That's so exciting! I'm really excited that we are going to have our girls around the same time. Your ultrasound pictures are so cute. What a miracle. I just had my 20 week ultrasound too. It's really fun.

  8. Such a cute picture! I also love Hailey and her natural photogenic attitude in it. So cute. I'm so excited for you guys and the lucky little lady who gets to join your family.

  9. Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you three. Your picture made me bust a gut laughing. :) Levi has been here 6 days and I am scared to death for my mom to leave me all alone with two children. I have no idea how I'm going to do this mothering gig on so little sleep. If I come up with any cool tricks, I'll let you know! You'll do great though, I know it.

  10. Congrats! I love the picture. If you ever want to freak out about having 2 kids, just give me a call. I pretty much panic about it every day.

  11. this is the cutest announcement ever!!! hahaha ;) congrats to all of you! :)

  12. The look on Kyle's face cracks me up everytime I see this picture, lol!! Miss you guys!



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